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20 October 2009



He's got my vote on all accounts!


I've heard it said about these talent shows that the performances sound much better from the audience than they do from your living room. I hope that's the case.


He's gorgeous.


Who would have thunk it?
Danyl sounds almost as bad as Whitney did at X Factor.


"Crack is still Whack"...somebody pass the salt please.



He sounds awful...

Cute though.


A hot mess...it was as sharp as a knife!


I hate to criticize his performance, but it was wretched. And when one of the judges said it was flawless, I couldn't help but start laughing. He didn't heed Clive's and Whitney's suggestions. The song represents someone being reflective about their life and realizing they have the strength to overcome whatever is thrown their way. He sung it as though he has never had to struggle and overcome adversity. The song required a quiet performance. He tried to rush it and overpower it. Of course, I could be wrong. I don't claim to be a professional critic, but I know what I like and don't like. Take this with grain of salt.


His nose was all ova this song. I didn't understand some of the words. I don't know what they heard.. but it's funny how they get behind certain artist on these shows... and you sitting in your living room watchin like.. HUH? are you serious...


That was absolutely wretched! It was a mess. Who could POSSIBLY think that was good? Helen Keller would have booed that performance!

Derrick from Philly

But are y'all comparing him to the original by Ms Houston?

Speaking of which, am I the only one in the world...the GAY world who thinks that Whitney was great on the big screen (Bodyguard, Watiting to Exhale, and the other one with Denzel). She had that special something that real movie stars have. Trained acting ability is secondary on the screen; screen presence is what matters, and Whitney had....oh, never mind--I don't feel like fightin' no queens today. Forget what I just said.


I'm with Derrick on this one. I think Danyl is a good singer and he did a decent job. Sounds to me like some Whitney stans are comparing Danyl to the original song by Miss Houston which he was not doing, it was simply a cover.

Oh and no shade, but not even Whitney Houston can sing the original by Whitney Houston nowadays. Just a thought girls. Just a thought.


@ Derrick and Cesar

Sometimes a cake is just a cake. And my criticism stands on its own without comparisons to Whitney. I don't speak for anyone but myself. I didn't like his performance because it wasn't very good. I don't even watch these talent shows because my favorite performers always lose. We all have different tastes in what we consider to be good singing. His performance didn't have any flow at all. Plain and simple. It sounded as though he wanted to bust out of the song but he kept reminding himself that he needs to stay confined. It was quite jarring to hear.

As to being a Whitney stan, Whitney is only one of several singers I enjoy. If you are going to accuse someone of being a stan as the reason for not liking a singer's rendition of Whitney's song, then you should accept criticism that you liked Danyl's performance because you think he's cute and you can't separate your feelings from reality. Just a thought. It goes both ways.

Derrick from Philly

ugh oh. Let me clarify something: my comment about "fightin' no queens" was referring to the "Whitney as movie star" argument (It's a debate I've had with friends over the years. I just brought it up because of watching Whitney on the tape above). I met it totally in a light-hearted vein for this light-hearted topic thread.

As for the young man's singing--I really couldn't give a hoot about these talent shows. But the boy sounded pretty good to me. Of course, I don't know that much about today's musical tastes. The only singers I love are all over sixty or dead.

As far as using his "cuteness" as part of an evaluation. Well, Louis Armstrong is in my top five list of male singers. Most folks would not call Pops "cute"...well, then again when he was younger he was. We all were.


@ Derrick

My reference to your comment is confined only to what I wrote in my comment. The "fightin' no queens" comment didn't even enter into the picture. But one thing we can agree on is that most of the singers I love are mostly over sixty or dead as well. Boy do I miss Luther Vandross.

Derrick from Philly

Yes, RAVENBACK, we can agree on that. The young folk have voices, some even have the feeling and emotion...but where's the style?

Oh, well...I still think Whitney wouilda' made a decent movie star...but nobody cares about that but me.



So you admit to being a Whitney stan? Does that mean you have bias?Danyl's perfomance was good not spectacular, he was a bit much at times. I just want to make sure YOU and others look at this on its own merits, not as a yardstick against some ancient diva.

No shade, but Miss Whitney was sounding almost unrecognizable on X factor. If it wasn't for the graphic ("Whitney Houston"), I wouldnt have known WHO was singing. Just a thought girls. Just a thought.


@ Cesar

Actually I made no such admission. Liking someone as a singer doesn't make one a stan. But I suppose you wouldn't know that. My problem with your criticism of those who criticized Danyl's pathetic performance is your need to call someone a stan. You make the erroneous assumption that we all love Whitney Houston and will go out of our way to defend her by tearing others down. I have my own views of Whitney Houston's voice at this point in time. So I'll indulge you for a moment. I feel her voice is nowhere near what it once was. She has lost that extra gear or two. If her voice was once a 6-speed now it's just a 4-speed. The cocaine usage has definitely destroyed a significant part of her vocal array. However, after saying all of that, Danyl's performance stunk. I'll say it again. It stunk. Now if you need to go on believing that I didn't like his performance because I am a slave (stan) to Whitney, then be my guest. His performance was pathetic, wretched, horrid, unfocused, and lacked discipline. And it was a joke for one judge to call it flawless. My criticism of Danyl was never about Whitney but you have worked hard to make it about her. You deal with that. I completely and unequivocally stand by my criticism. Now I'll leave you and your boyfriend Danyl to work things out. His singing was still nauseating. Can I be any clearer?

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