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19 October 2009



Whitney Houston sounds great. She doesn't have her old voice, I mean c'mon that is given. But she looks and sounds great. Just shrugged off that waldrobe malfunction and kept on going.


houston...we have a problem


She sounds a HOT ASS MESS!

Account Deleted

Something is not right about sista Whitney. I can not put my finger on it. i wish her all the success in the world. I'm questioning her mental state. That tongue of hers drive me nuts! It's almost like she have false teeth in and they are the wrong size, and when she starts talking, she's trying to keep them in her mouth.


Well first of all the dress thing is enough to rattle anyone's nerves.
As for the interview...
First of all, Whitney is not a young lady anymore, it is understandable that she would be winded after that movement heavy performance. I think in most cases they would have gone to commercial after a peformance, especially so in this instance with the wardrobe malfunction.
Right before the interview begins Whitney is trying to fix the strap , and then turns her back toward the host as if to ask him to fix it...and he does NOTHING. That is just rude in my opinion.
Finally, Whitney did appear a little hesitant about when her album was being released in the UK. I think she was confused because that album has been out here in the states and the rest of Europe for almost two months. The biggest news this week was about her newly announced European tour, so that is why she probably appeared confused.


I really LOVED the performance you posted 2 weeks ago from Paris. The original arrangement was HOT. I just don't like this version. She looks good and sounds okay, but part of it is the version. The gown was definitely got a great choice for a high-energy performance, especially with that strap directly across her shoulders. As a singer, that was just going to happen. Poor design choice for her for that song! But she looks great....kinda sexy, especially for Whitney!

As for the interview, WHITNEY IS NOT A DANCER AND IS NOT TRAINED FOR THAT KIND OF BREATHING! I thought the interview was JUST FINE! I'm with Jack: Tour here, album there, already out here, coming at there but already out in parts of Japan and Europe. IT WOULD CONFUSE ANYTHING! But I thought she looked great!


Loved it! No need to qualify the performance, she sang it. A studio full of people were on their feet screaming with excitement....enough said.


Since a woman’s voice usually peaks around age 45 or so, I don’t think it’s a given that her voice is not what it used to be.

I noticed in the German video Rod posted on October 5 that she had problems with intonation—she sang sharp, sometimes badly, when she didn’t use any vibrato.

But in general, she sounds as if she has damaged her voice from lots of smoking.


I think that Whitney looks fabulous. However, I think with the exception of a few good clear, strong notes, she sounds terrible. Cocaine can burn the vocal cords whether it's free-based or snorted. And I believe that is what has happened to her.

Also, I have noticed that she "wheezes" like someone with asthma. I did a little research and sho nuff, cocaine abuse leads to a host of lung problems including pulmonary infections, inflammation and asthma. No wonder she's so winded by the end of the song, even though all she did was hold her dress, walk back and forth, shake her head and "talk-sing". Her back-up singers were doing all the hard work.

As for the interview, maybe she's disoriented from lack of oxygen?


I can't stand it when people take every little thing to scrutinize her for- and points to her possible drug usage as the reason. Leave her alone- how do we know the drug usage didn't come about because of the loss of her voice- and not vice versa as everyone assumes. She has always had issues with her throat- which I think stems from a childhood accident when she was running through the house with one of her brothers and somehow a coat hanger got lodged in her throat and nearly severed her pallette. So, just leave her alone! I thought she sounded good especially on the ooooooos and as for the interview she was winded. I wished people would just shut the hell up when they don't know what the hell they are talking about!


I do believe that the last sentence of Rod's post states "Like to hear your thoughts." Everyone is entitled to an opinion and they don't have to "shut the hell up" because it differs from yours.


Soulbrotha- I will give you that- but an opinion is just that and not necessarily a fact. You have a great day.



"an opinion is just that and not necessarily a fact."

That's correct, and therefore you cannot use your opinions to shut down the opinions of others.

Danny Rivera


Why are you being so ridiculously over protective about Whitney Houston's drug use? It is a FACT and she admits to many YEARS of chronic cocaine use. That obviously affects the body and mind in many ways, including speech, perception, weight, central nervous system and respiratory system.

The lungs and voice are part of the respiratory system, you do you realize that?

I love Whitney just as much as anyone else and am glad to see that she survived her darkest days and is returning to the scene. But let's face it, those years of partying damaged her voice. And you're really not helping Whitney by trying to shout down anyone who brings up the truth.



Soulbro- you are right. I let my emotions get in the way. Peace and love.

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