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09 November 2009



Will that vote help him?
The health care plan is tied to the Democratic Party.

Strange group these Dixiecrats, even the black ones. Doesn't support health care, doesn't support hate crimes, ENDA ... I bet he supports prayer in schools.

Good luck Artur! (smirk)

Derrick from Philly

This delusional creature has about as much a chance to be elected governor of Alabama as being elected Pope.

I don't know who I despise more: this fool-ass congressman or the Dallas Cowboys.

...don't have to hate the Giants and Redsckins anymore....po' thaings.


Actually, he stands a fair chance here in Alabama contrary to belief. His Democratic primary opponent, Ron Sparks, is an opportunist and flip-flops on his positions, so Davis might just win the primary since he doesn't change his positions on state issues. However, in this state it all comes down to key stances and the support of the socially conservative working class white vote, so this stunt might just win him that...

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, kayman:

you certainly know much more about his chances than I do. I just couldn't imagine a large enough percentage of White Alabamians voting for black man--even if he's as right-wing & loony as Alan Keyes. But then, I haven't been Down South in twenty years...things have changed.

If he did win can you imagine all the rumblings in cemeteries all over Alabama and the South: Confederate souls spinnin' like crazy.


I live in Birmingham and am continually disappointed by Davis' voting record. He has consistently run to the right of the national party on social issues and health care...and as Rod pointed out, the shame is that Alabama and Mississippi have fewer hospitals and much lower reimbursement rates and premiums are much higher.

Davis has a good chance at winning primary against Sparks. Then it comes down to a lesser of two evils. I'm just not excited about the possibility of a black governor who is against the gay community and often votes against the black community, just to get favor with conservatives.

I'll hold my nose and vote for him like I have many other Democrats. But there is no excitement there for me at all. Terri Sewell is running for his seat and she will be a HUGE improvement.


WOW...when I envision Hell, I seriously think about the rural South as a Black Man in America today.

It's like you KNOW that there's something great OUT THERE but you just can't get to it. THAT'S HELL.

This is just bass-ackwards (as my Momma would say) and this kind of thinking is why the South is still perceived as so behind the times. WOW. I know those CBC meetings are about to get GANGSTA!


Yeah, I know what you mean Derrick, but white Alabamians will vote for black man if he is similar to them on social issues. Actually, in a 97% white county elected a black state legislator because he appealed to their issues.

That's why I see why Davis is doing what he is doing. I heard from that female friend who works for his gubernatorial campaign that once the final bill is ironed out after the Senate vote that he plans on voting for it. In other words, he wants to look as "moderate" as possible on health care reform.


I'll believe it when I see it. I don't know anything about Alabama politics, but I haven't seen any evidence that a southern state other than Virginia is willing to vote for a black governor. People keep talking about Davis possibly winning the Dem nomination. However, what are his chances in winning the white vote across Alabama when running against a white Republican in the general election? I'll believe it when I see it as I said before. Other than that, he won't win.


Well, if one look at the Republican candidates they all range from the clueless like the controversial former state Chief Justice Roy Moore to State Treasury Kay Ivey. In other words, none of them have even made a platform at this point.

Contrary to common notion, a black candidate can win in a Southern state like anywhere else. Remember California hasn't had a black governor either and that's the "one of the most progressive states in the nation", so as the saying goes "all politics are local".

I'm not giving Davis a pass at all, but it's when you look at politics as with everything "image is everything".


@ Kayman

As I said before, "I'll believe it when I see it." Until then, Davis' image is still black.

As far as California is concerned, you are right that no black has been governor. However, blacks only account for 6% of the population in California. Also, California is not as liberal as people may think. The voters have passed English only initiatives, an anti-illegal immigrant proposition, an anti-affirmative action proposition, and voted against gay marriage. This state isn't all that liberal.


True, California is only 6% black now, but back in the 1982 when Tom Bradley had ran the percentage was closer to 15-20% range. The hard numbers have actually remained the same or increased in some areas there, but the percentage of black population has drop in total population. In other words, California is an increasingly diversified state. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that California is more a "swing" state than it used to be...


Blacks were never 15-20% of California's population. I have lived in California all of my life, and during the 1980s the black population was between 7 to 7.5%.


What kayman is saying just confirms my belief that viciousness trumps skin color.

If a black candidate is vicious enough, the white Christian conservatives will set aside their color fixation and vote for him.


I am from Tuskegee, Alabama and now attend Tuskegee University. We fall outside of Rep Davis's district but are watching his bid for Gov. of Alabama. As a Alabama democrat I am torn on who to actually support for the office. I realize that all persons running are playing politics and using their individual office to sway voters. But I do understand what has to be done by Rep. Davis a African American has not won a state wide election in Alabama and the Brother has to play to the largest voting group in the state.


How is he even still considered a Democrat?

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