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02 November 2009



WOW...that spot is REALLY appalling and it makes my head hurt to see the levels of discrimination, disrespect and disingenuous thought that this ad illicits. I am so disturbs by this visual and I cannot believe the levels of ridiculousness that people/media will go to when dealing with LGBT issues. I can only imagine what these ads would have looked like...WAIT...WILLIE HORTON AND THE 1988 ELECTION...never mind!

Insane and insulting!

Gary Glenn

"The heavily-funded opponents of the proposed anti-discrimination ordinance"...?


1. As of the Oct. 20th campaign finance report, supporters of this discriminatory ordinance had raised $350,000, while the supposedly "heavily-funded opponents" had raised only $35,000. That's a 10-to-1 spending advantage for the supporters of the ordinance, which means there shouldn't be any doubt about the outcome on Tuesday...right?

2. The video featured in this article was on the opposition campaign's website but was never aired on TV.


Talk about taking something WAY OUT of Context. They are scrounging for support so much they decide to compare Transgender issues to phedophilia.


Am I the only one genuinely shocked that there is a place actually named Kalamazoo. This commercial is so offensive and over the top it almost seems like a parody you would see on SNL. I sincerely hope the people behind stuff like this are forced to face marginalization like what they put others through.

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