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05 November 2009


Alton C

She was also a crappy mayor, who oversaw some of the greatest hemoraging in the private sector EVER! But, knowing many of those members personally, that doesn't surprise me a bit!

Derrick from Philly

This really saddens and angers me. It also points out that even at my age, I can be so naive. I actually believed that when bigoted black preachers go up against a respected and progressive black elected official--the preachers would loose.

Somebody from Dayton, please tell us that something else was going on here. Also, what are the racial demographics in Dayton. Could Mayor McLin still have received the vast majority of black votes but still lost?...that these ignorant-ass preachers simply siphoned off enough black votes to cause her defeat.

Oh, and I'm sure she received the votes of many progressive white Daytonians too (don't want to sound like a bigot here).

Ohio Player


I think all of the country is suffering from the economy and Rust Belt cities like Dayton are hardest hit.

The fact remains the black ministers opposed her not because of the economy (not entirely her fault) but on the human rights ordinance.


here we go again black people. what are the priorities in our community? and why do so many so called christians, black or white, oppose anti discrimination laws?


Perhaps these ministers would like to pay the cotton fields a visit for a few years to see how it is to be a second class citizen.

T'realist One

Don't worry. This is gonna bite us back in the ass sooner or later.
The moment we as Blacks cry out for rights or equality on an issue, I want to see who is going to take us seriously based upon our stances when it comes to fighting discrimination and promoting equality as well.

But wait! This quote absolutely sets this thing for what it is

(that she wouldn’t support a gay-rights ordinance.)

There ya go... what else is there?

alicia banks

dear jesus:

please deliver me from those goddamned "christians"!!!



Rhine McLin did the right thing in signing the anti-discrimination ordinance.



What do you really know...I like in Dayton and I can't tell you how pissed I was when she lost. We now have a man in office who is quoted as calling Dayton, "toxic wasteland", he has no experience of any kind and have never held a real job. I'm seriously thinking of moving to one of the outlying townships until she can run again this is just very stupid and for our black ministers to do some outlandish *ish like that makes me sick. My pastor is one of them and I'm so glad he is leaving.

Mclin is leaving a very good legacy in my book she has done more for this city than people see. I wish her all the best.


It's 53% white or ~88000 and `43% black or ~71000, but those numbers to me seem skewed. Although they might count some of these outlying townships under us.

Thats 159000 ppl and only 28000 voted that only 17% of the population


As a young, gay & black Daytonian myself, the fact she lost this election wasn't based on her performance, but other shallow issues.

Personally, to the commenter above, Mike Turner did more to damage this city than any major. I think Rhine cleaned up Dayton, specifically downtown and has helped make it far more accessible and marketable than it ever was in the '90's.

But yeah, sometimes my people sadden me about the way they vote. Que sera, sera...

Will Brooks

I live in Dayton. She has been an embarrassment to the city for years. She is also a very weak leader who lost support in all communities on many other issues besides this one. I think that this is a red herring to draw attention away from her lackluster record. I wish her all the best and I do believe that she cares for Dayton on some level. Her campaign was financed by big money backers and I believe she has always held special interests as a priority.

Lori Turner

I'm so grateful that this woman is no longer in office. There are so many kiss (@*!) & ignorant african americans. I happened to be a victim of this mayors failure; I voted for Gary Leitzell & I am african American; He is right; These people work for us, not the other way around. This city is in disarray & Mayor Leitzell can do no further harm to it; Mayor Mclin was for the special interst groups, as well as many of the commisioners that now sit & should go as well. CONGRATULATIONS, Leizell!!!!


Wow. Who knew there were so very many black gay men who read Rod 2.0 in the Dayton area? Who we have never heard from until now?

Wait. Maybe these comments from Dayton aren't from black LGBTs. Lori surely isn't a black gay man and Will doesn't sound like one either. SMH

Regardless of McLin's performance, the black ministers were most upset about her support of the human rights bill. That is a FACT they don't even try to hide. And in typical black folk fashion, the dittoheads come on this blog and talk about everything but the black ministers targeting her over gay rights.

I don't live in Dayton. But thankfully you have a human rights ordinance now and have joined (somewhat) the 21st century and the rest of the country. Hopefully if you have gay brothers or sisters that are discriminated against they can use that.

Black folks. We know we are a piece of work... smh

David Esrati

This is an excuse/ a smokescreen- they didn't back her because of many reasons. The fact is- they backed Nan Whaley, who also voted for it.
The reality of Dayton is that the African American democratic voter has been used by the party to control elections- until the AA Dems wake up and see that they've been used and manipulated for years- things won't change.
The Party had the gall to put Issue 3 (casinos) on the same approved ticket they hand out like candy to voters- the preachers should have stormed Dem HQ and called for a beheading.
The quoted article (which should be attributed clearly) is the paper trying to explain how they backed the losing horse.



I agree none of them sound like blacks to me and for Will you are what I like to call and Uncle Tom Str8 up. Rhine McLin is a close personal friend of mine and even with that in mind I see some things she could have been better at. But the things she did do for the city are leaps and bounds ahead of Turner. I'm really hoping for whatever his name is to screw up and people see the real him.



What the hell is up with everyone and issue 3. If you can't handle gambling don't go. That is all there is too it. I bet you back Debra...I was with Mary and bull on AA Dems needing to wake up. And self respecting black and gay male that votes Republic has signed your rights away.

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