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24 November 2009


Anthony in Nashville

Thank you Rod for publicizing this report. I wrote something about hate crimes for my blog. It comes down to straight people feeling that we as LGBTs are not full human beings with rights they have to respect.

History Major

I can hear the homophobes now.

"They probably asked for it"

You know how those drag queens and trans gays like to trick unsuspecting straight men.

"stop fooling us"


Humanity is a fail.


It's so aggravating when this is revealed. Ironically, so many Southern states that doesn't recognize hate crimes acts based on sexual orientation and gender identity, so they are claim low reports of hate crimes. However, this is very convienent when your local law enforcement only volunteer information they want to give...


Just a quick correction. It's very likely true that the largest increase in religiously based hate crimes were anti-muslim (I don't have the 2007 numbers for comparison handy). This wouldn't surprise me in the least. But in terms of absolute number (1,013) and percentage (66.7%), the most targeted religious group in 2008 was Jews.

I was looking at this the other day, and found it fascinating that, despite all the bitching and moaning on the right about anti-white bias, only 17.9% of the racially motivated hate crimes were directed against whites.

For the record, 51.3% were racially motivated. 19.5% were religiously motivated. 11.5% were motivated by ethnicity or national origin. 1% were motivated by disability, for crying out loud. And 16.7% were motivated by sexuality (as noted above, notoriously under-reported in many areas).

The human race is a bunch of idiots. When will people stop hurting someone simply because he or she is different?
Jews and Muslims, corrected. BTW, the stats are fully explained at the FBI link above. I do not over report stats and the focus here is sexual orientation. -RM

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