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09 November 2009



Goodbye, good luck and good riddance!

Kansas City said NO WAY IN HELL would this man represent our team in the history books.

God don't like ugly and this man had a beautiful skill and a whole lot of ugly in his heart.

Jim J.

WOW! Justice. This is a pleasant surprise. I'm sure Tony Dungy will nominate him for sainthood however and portray him as a victim of a gay conspiracy.


Life is sweet. Aint karma a beyotch?


Justice is served baby. The Kansas City Chiefs are sending a STRONG message with this and other clubs are taking notice. No one is that valuable that they have to make the whole club suffer and pull them down in the mudd.

Yea and where are those dizzy queens who were holding LJ's jock? Johnson would not have done all this if people hadn't made excuses for him. A man is supposed to be judged by his actions. Shame on him and triple shame for the so called black gay men who were defending this woman beater's homophobia. Like he would treat them any better. SMH

D. Askew

johnson will probably be picked up at some point. but his value has tarnished, he will lose millions of dollars and his next contract will not be so generous. plus, he has forever lost his opportunity to make history with his rushes.

c'est la vie.


What Carlos said.

The reason why Johnson said what he said, or why he did the things he did, was only because society, the team, our community enabled him...Its no different than the arrogant jock in your school or school bullies. These guys are used to being coddled and excused. Just like any man with a big ego, they feel they are entitled to saying or doing what they want.

Larry Johnson was privileged to wear the Kansas City Chiefs uniform. It was not a right. If he was representing a team, a franchise, a city, the sport...he is held to a higher standard of conduct. Period.

Garçon Stupide

Excellent news, a real victory. Particularly after it looked like it was going to be swept under the carpet earlier today.

Face and Waist

Exactly @ Garcon

The NFL was determined to hush this up and do as little as possible. Thankfully the Chiefs were more concerned about their brand than the NFL was concerned about the image of football.

Good lucky Larry, See you on Christopher Street boy!

The Truth

While it is "appropriate" that Larry Johnson be let go from the chiefs, I HIGHLY doubt it was because of his homophobic remarks. His being a liability on the field was most likely the reason...with this indicident having little(if any) influence on that decision.


"While it is "appropriate" that Larry Johnson be let go from the chiefs, I HIGHLY doubt it was because of his homophobic remarks. His being a liability on the field was most likely the reason."

Really? So says the same "Truth" who "highly doubted" Drew Gooden calling a fan a "faggot." See a pattern here?

I think you're trying to say it wasn't only his homophobic remarks that made him cut. Possibly, but we'll never know will we? The homophobic remarks were simply the last straw. The team wasnt willing to put up with his bs anymore.

But if the homophobic remarks had "little" affect, the team would have taken the NFL's advice, fined him 10 grand and never suspended him. But they didn't so that means ... the homophobic remarks were obviously very important to the team.

That was a good one, tho. lol

Danny Rivera

@ The Truth:

Johnson was not a liability "on the field". He was a liability "off the field".

But you keep telling yourself "this incident had little influence." Whatever you need to tell yourself to get you through the night. LOL/SMH


The Chiefs the right thing, a lot of people anticipated this two weeks ago. Bravo and congrats.


Team KARMA is a BIATCH...Maybe LJ will play on that team for life...

Greg G

Karma is a MFer
And thank you to Kansas City for saying enough is enough. If this joker wants to act ugly, let him do it when he is not wearing the uniform and supposed to be a role model.


Well it goes to show that you may have the right to say what you want, but that doesn't mean that people have to put up with your BS. He's was getting paid millions of dollars to play football and represent a team and a city. Part of representing people involves a person's cache of goodwill. And goodwill definitely has a value in society. Obviously, his goodwill ran out, and now he's out on his butt. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Jim J.

Obviously he was NOT a liability "on the field"...approaching Priest Holmes' rushing record...KC management did the right thing for the right reason(s).

As for Karma...I sure hope it is a bitch, in which case, Johnson will be returning to this Earth in the form of fly or worm or something like that. He has messed up his Karma with his behavior in _this_ life. THAT'S karma.


i thought it ironic that someone with gay rumors following them gets fired for gay slurs.

i think KC let him go because of his on and off the field performance.


I've read this story 3 times today and had no clue the guy had been fired until I went on another black blog.



I am just amazed at this stupid comments. I have seen stupid ass Black gay men run into White gay establishments that have discriminated against them on the color of their skin, but jump up and down about a player with little impact on your day-to-day life encounter a few issues off the field. Get a life.
Johnson's stupid comments got him fired. Or you're blaming black gay men for this too, just like you blamed us for Hardaway, Gooden, anti-gay black pastors and Mugabe? smh -RM


Hmmm, I wonder how long is going to be before his sexually confused butt admits he's bisexual. He's another of one of those people that "protests too much" because I've heard about him...

Now if he winds up with in Atlanta with the Falcons, I will fall out laughing.


I am so glad that there now appears to be consequences of hateful, ignorant remarks towards gay people, especially in the pro sports arena. Now it's time for over 10,000 fans to demand an end to using derogatory mascots like the Chiefs.

alicia banks


i hope this is a msg to all of his rabid dl gaybashing peers in all arenas

great news rod

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