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06 November 2009



Another team will pick you up.

Still defending a man who chokes women, spits in their faces, and call men "faggots". What do "you think" he'll say and do to you? LOLz -RM

Sunday Dinner

"LJ" is a well paid brotha(over $60 million contract) maybe this disdain is more about athletes that make large salaries than about some alleged use of slang. Since when is being called a fag or sissy been so politically incorrect. If he had suggested kill the "mf fags!" then that would be cause for an outcry.
It wasn't "alleged", it was caught on videotape and sent via Twitter. Read the next story about the black man who attacked gays and said God made him do it. What about the recent fatal gay bashing of a black gay man in DC? Do you excuse those too or just slurs from "well paid brothas"? Never see your comments in stories such as those. smh -RM


Dayum! They are not playing radio with DL Johnson. Is he & Jay-z's 'Bromance' still going strong? IJS


My bad:They are not playing(the)radio with 'DL' Johnson. They mean business. He was saying something about he didnt think the word 'faggot' didnt have a big impact. BS!!!!

Andrew H

Gotta love the black gay men who constantly defend homophobes and attack and criticize out and open gay men. Because there is no greater love than hating yourself, right?

And of course, when black gay men are beaten to death on DC, and black trans women are stabbed to death and killed in broad daylight, and pastors preach against our rights... they have not one thing to say.


@ Sunday Dinner:

So we're just hating on the "well paid brotha"?" Wow. Are you 16 or 60? Cuz only a gay man that young or old would try to minimize some slurs from a hoodrat.

I would say the same thing if it was a "well paid brotha" or a some unemployed hood on the corner. I don't like being disrespected. And giving "well paid brothas" permission to say "fag" gives everyone else permission. And that leads to hate crimes and gay bashing. Or perhaps you missed the next story?

Sad excuses for black gay men. Sad.

Former COGIC

who are these throwback queens who keep defending larry johnson as some "black brotha" who is being attacked? are black straight men defending OUR rights? are they rising up to defend our rights to live, work, worship and be free in our neighborhoods without being attacked or victimized?

NO. They are the main ones gay bashing, attacking and killing us. Shame on both of you for defending this poor excuse of a man, who chokes and beats women and spits in their face.

The 'well paid brotha' is making millions to represent Kansas City and a resident of that city I am pissed. LJ should have enough sense NOT to call people fags, as well as not to beat up, choke and spit on women.

Some of you brothas disgust me. You come to these pages and defend, rationalize and explain mediocrity and homophobia and never once celebrate or encourage black gay "community" or affirm our rights. And Rod, thank you for calling them out. Black gay men are being attacked and killed in our own neighborhoods and cannot walk down the street and our being encouraged by millionaire athletes and mega church pastors. And these fools want to encourage them.



Sunday Dinner

Americans consistently do and say things in bad taste protected under our constitution. However when you commit hate crimes this behavior is not protected by law and is punishable.

What next a campaign led by the author of this site to bury the word "fag"-- get real and stop being so hypersensitive. You all probably use the word "fag," "sissy," "queen" etc. Sometimes large organizations(GLAAD) target incidents like this one to acquire money and exploit the media without paying exorbitant ad fees. Afterall, the U.S. usage of the word "gay" is just a politically correct way of saying/referring to a "fag!"

I didn't lead the "campaign" against Larry Johnson. The Kansas City Chiefs disciplined and fined him. Tell them about being "hypersensitive." Maybe they feel that word isn't good for business.

Why don't you explain to 11-year Carl Walker Hoover and Jaheem Herrera that being called "gay" or "fag" is no big deal. Oh that's right, they killed themselves. What about LaTeisha Green? Her killer called her a "faggot" before gunning her down with a shot gun. Or what about when pastors and homophobes say "God hates fags"? Are those okay?

Very interesting you criticize GLAAD and defend a man who has been arrested for choking, hitting and spitting at women, in addition to gay-baiting. That says a helluva lot about you. Pitiful and trifling. -RM


@Sunday Dinner:

GLAAD and Rod we know. They put like their names and faces on the line for equality. And your name is? EXACTLY.

You're defending trash like Larry Johnson and trying to pretend Rod or GLAAD are the problems. No, you're the problem. This is always happening in our black community because we allow it. White folks and mainstream society push back hard. But when we have black gay so called "men" excusing this ignorance, we really dont have a leg to stand. Because the straights will point to you and say "That silly faggot over there says its okay to call yall fags."

So what do you say to the mothers or Carl and Jaheem? Was it okay for school kids to taunt these boys every day? What about the other LGBT teens who take their own lives every year? Do they just need to toughen up?

Rod, bless your heart but pitiful and trifling is an understatement. Faggots such as Sunday Dinner disgust me. They always come out the wordwork for BS like this. They have nothing ever to say about gay rights, hate crimes, marriage, or anti gay pastors ... probably because they are not concerned about any of that. Trifling faggots.

Baltimore Femme

war has been declared on the LGBT community. we have our rights put up to vote, taken away and constantly have to fight so called Christians who tell us that we "chose" our sexuality and do not deserve rights.

then in the black community its worse. straight teenagers beat down and kill black gay men with just a wrist slap. rappers call us "fags" and "faggots" in songs, athletes call anyone they don't like a "fag", black pastors stand in the pulpits and say "no faggots or sissies" ... my t-sistahs are knifed in the streets in broad daylight and no one says or does anything. and some no-name, no-account gays in comments say its no big deal and the gay activists are the problems?

these same silly queens probably defended Chris Brown, too. and Tim Hardaway. they make my teeth itch. honey, i've been called many thinhs in life and not all of them pleasant. but i'll damned if i give permission for anyone to call me out of my name.


Sunday Snack:

Sweety, this has nothing to do with the Constitution. As a NFL player, Johnson is governed by a contract that prohibits him from causing disrespect to the team and the game. The NFL or the Chiefs have every right to enforce that contract.

If you had a professional job you would be well aware of that. Most large companies and public employers wouldnt allow their employees to call other employees or the public the f or n words. You do have a career or position that is governed under personal or collective bargaining, right? Or still making hourly wages at Shoneys?


Sunday Dinner is a hot mess. She blames everyone... GLAAD, gay men for being "hyper sensitive", "political correctness", activists, fans, Rod ... everyone but LARRY JOHNSON. Another sad example of the knee jerk reaction in the black community to grasp at straws to blame everyone else but the MEN responsible for their own mistakes.

Chile and trying to make this a First Amendment issue? LOL You are precious, darling. And in way over your head. And Rod thank you thank you THANK YOU for calling out these black gay men who aid and abet the enemy. Silly delusional queens with Stockholm Syndrome. "What is LJ going to do when he sees you?" Hopefully spits in your face, chokes you and calls you a f____t. And you would be the first one to cry and ask for help.

Believe people when they tell you who they are!

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