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13 November 2009



ROFL! The headline is priceless!
Sat down girl. Just sat down lol

Daniel Warhol

He proves himself to be just more gay with time.....he is a fanatical joke.


What do you say Rod? "If you say so hon" hahaha

If you say so!



Derrick from Philly


WTF is he talking about? Who lacks class?

You know, for decades there were Hollywood stars who were stupid, but the studios kept them under lock and key--they weren't allowed to speak to the press without the studio being in control and deciding what got printed. Maybe the HipHop world can learn from old Hollywood.

"class"? A bisexual woman is automatically without class? Oh, really, my little Hood Muffin?

Even with that impressive & magnificent booty of his, I can't stand him now.


I have no clue as to who he is, but, what about bisexual men?? Or gay ones for that matter?


SMH, Omarion Grandberry is a mess. He knows we know he isn't strictly carpet, but he can lie all he wants...


Amber Rose is awesome and dissing on her make him seem cheap and classless.

I wonder when he's going to make the jump to Gospel and keep Donnie company?

Taylor Siluwe

I agree with Derrick and the "Hood Muffin" thing. WTF? Bi-sexuals don't have class?

That would be the dumbest thing he'll ever say, but we know his people don't do a good job at shutting him up.

I don't own any of his CD's - and I'm proud of that.


I see Omarion is already narrowing his selection of women. Which group of women next will he declare off-limits? By time he finishes, he will only have men to choose from. Maybe that's the plan after all.


Bisexual women lack class?! WTF?

Sit down please.


He doesn't like bisexual women? So if that why him and Miss Bow Wow broke up?

Omarion play too much.

John Ozed

I'm just glad that Omarion is still safe from the terrorist attacks in the UK a few years ago.


B#llocks!!! Someone needs to tell this dude that wearing pants so low they show his massive and womanly behind isn't exactly classy either. Dimwit!


Oh god! I'm really embarrassed that i have his 'O' CD.
And he's the one to took about class? SMH!

alicia banks

i am so sick of all of these punk assed fake DL drama princesses

when will the sorry games end????


Awwww, he sounds so desperate for some attention. and gay...


I pound that tight azz if given the chance.


I don't need to know what's on your mind, Omarion. I just need you to turn around and bend over.


shut up and just turn around and spread em


this is omarion folks. omarion. not someone of substance and intelligence. omarion. do we really need to get up in arms over HIM???


EVERYBODY - read the quotes before you make a conclusion. I read the article on another site, and they asked him about Amber Rose's stripper past, which made him say that. He didn't say anything about her lacking class because she was bi, he said she lacked class because she used to be a stripper.

I'm no way a Omarion fan, it just sucks how people can misquote and mislead readers.

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