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05 November 2009


T'realist One

2010 aint too far around the corner.

If they don't deliver, GLBT people WILL remember!

Nathan James

Those in the State Senate would do well to remember their conduct of last Summer, when the people of New York were deprived of a functioning state government for several weeks. They have a lot to answer for if they expect to be re-elected. One way they can mitigate the damage they caused during their parliamentary coup--which revolved around the gay-marriage issue--is, at a minimum, to vote on the bill.

I'm still trying to get my head around Democrats who won't support the gay-marriage bill. But the Dems here have been acting strange lately. A little more support from New York's Democrats, and Bill Thompson (a true friend of gays over the years) would be the Mayor-elect of New York City today. Both parties want to portray themselves as "friends" of the LGBT community, but after Election Day, we get kicked back into obscurity again. We'll see if our State senate can actually vote on gay marriage without fracturing this time. I ain't holdin' my breath, though.

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