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28 November 2009


Baltimore Femme

Yeah, this sounds more believable

Ohh Tiger. Keep it in your pants, keep it in your pants.


Your welcome Rod! I never would have thought Tiger would be caught up in some mess like this! Goes to show you that nobody is immune to it! I hope he didn't hit her........


WOW. You can say that again, Isis. He is the last person I expected to be cheating.. Hmmm. But he loves them white gals tho, I can see him creeping with another Becky.


nothing but dumb speculation. all that national inquirer mess. She got him out the car according to the news.

Face and Waist

@ Terrell: Ummm of course its speculation. It says according to TMZ and "gossip".

But are you saying "the news" is always correct? The same "news" that sold us George Bush and the Iraq War. Or are you saying that it's not odd Tiger Woods crashed his own SUV twice in his driveway and his wife bashed in the window with a golf club...at 3a.m.? And Woods was going where at 3a.m.?

You do realize "the news" said his wife saved him because SHE told police she did?



When I first read this story about Tiger earlier today I knew something was up with that story

1. his wife cracked the windshield with a golf club to get him out of the car …that didn’t make sense..sounded like a woman getting revenge

2. lets keep it real, ain’t nothing going on in Orlando/Windermere where Tiger lives warrants him leaving his home at 2:30 am because clubs close at 2 am

3. police said he wasn’t drunk so I knew something was fishy

I guess everybody goes through things in their relationships but to go after homie with a golf club, that chic meant business so something might be true to this TMZ story for certain.


Let me add that I hope that Tiger did not cheat on his wife who just gave birth to his second child recently.


Let me add I hope that Tiger did not cheat on his wife who just gave birth to his second child recently.


It was all over the place about his alleged cheating and all of a sudden his wife is ‘breaking the back window to save her husband’ from a car accident in front of their house?

Why didn’t she break the driver side window?

He was running cuz ole girl was about to hit a whole in one with his cheating azz!

He ran and jumped in that SUV to protect his azz from the beat down of a life time with that 9 iron!


If the story turns out to be false, then you all can blame me! I brought it to Rods attention! But you must admit the story is very FISHY!!

Rod Mc

@ Isis: Oh please. The story is very fishy and I said so earlier. The TMZ report is clearly labeled as "gossip", some people just like to act brand new. No worries. ;) - RM


i knew there was more to this story…originally they claimed she struck the "rear" window to save tiger. It made no sense. why not the drivers side smh

and smh @ ole boy who beleives everything the "news" says


Seems like Tiger can't get a break! I never really cared for the man since he never attends any Black award shows to pick up his awards or accept it. He is a very talented brother so way pretend he is not partially Black are have it in his genes. I am not downing him but he is a trip from what I hear and see. Things might be different if I knew him on that level. Hey Rod did you watch "Rag Tag" the movie? Excellent movie. I suggest everyone to watch it.

Honut Sinti

This gives "going to the club" a whole new meaning.

History Major

Two words for Tiger:

Steve McNair

These white women will go "SNAPPED" on you.

This is going to get very interesting and I really hope he signed a pre nup.


If this is true, Elin just blew one of the biggest racial stereotype out the water...that bruthas get with white women so they don't have to put up with gettin checked by the sistahs. Looks like Tiger got a well deserved beat down. Elin ain't putting up with his mess. You go girl...guess it got out of hand though, as this kind of thing always does.


Guess Tiger's wife had a certain track by Jazmin Sullivan pressed on repeat: "I bust the windows out yer car........"

Tony Barber

I love it! Phil will be #1 by years end. That'll cost him cash from all angles.


The back window of a vehicle is tough, reinforced glass. To break through would take a sledgehammer, powered by serious muscle. Even then, it would only be a fairly small hole. This story just gets stranger and stranger.


Why didn't she smash the driver's side window? Err umm..perhaps because she didn't want to have glass flying right into her husband's face. Just a thought.

But yeah....there's something missing from this story and it only fuels the fire with his not wanting to talk to the police. While he has done everything he LEGALLY is required to do (i.e. show license, registration, and proof of insurance) the hiring of the attorney, "unvavailability" to talk to the police, and "Becky" now going to media wh0re Gloria Allred....this thing is taking on a life of its own.

alicia banks

rage has no race
it is universal

this wf beat his cablinasian ass and his suv's ass worse than any sista!

go elin!

alicia banks


memo to elin:


Johnny Ancich

Easy explanation why Tiger Woods had an affair (or two, or 3, or 4...)

New meaning to the 18th hole.

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