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07 November 2009


DC in Chicago

My heart goes out to Semenya. Managing and navigating our own gender issues can be so difficult for anyone - but to fall into an "in-between category" amidst challenges to your major accomplishments and to go through all of that in public is indeed traumatic.

It's my prayer that society as a whole enters into a deeper discussion and search for understanding in how we handle gender and that Semenya be comforted and supported through this experience.


Well I am glad they were fired for this. They def. deserved it.


I wish her peace. She has stayed out of the spotlight ever since this has all come out. I hope her family is comforting her somewhere and is filling her with love and support.


I feel so bad for this woman that her condition was broadcast for the world to see instead in the privacy of her doctor's office. It sounds like she has a condition called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and just found out with the world watching. Yeah, these folks really should be fired for what they put her through alone. I hope this does not break her. I hope she can still move on and have a decent life after this fiasco.

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