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26 November 2009



The more and more I read about this story, the more angrier I get. But I am soooo glad to see thousands of Puerto Ricans marching and standing up for their own. Unfortunately you would be hard pressed to see that sort of support for a teen LGBT hate crime victim in our black community. smh

Prayers to the family. Stay strong.


It feels good to see so much support over a slain victim, I feel like we haven't seen something like that in America in a while. I hope that his parents get justice.

Dallas Cowboy

Thanks for the update and staying on this story. It's so remarkable to see the outpouring of love and support for this beautiful young man.

But bittersweet...as said above, I can'tever recall such a response in America (besides Matthew Shepard) and unfortunately never ever ever in our own black community. Black gay teens and young people are routinely attacked and killed and silence. Even from our own black LGBTs, we say nothing about those that are killed. So many black gay men in Washington and Maryland, no one said much (besides this blog and the Blade) about Tony Randolph Hunter. So sad.

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