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30 November 2009



Rod, this is such a horrible story. Thanks for staying on it.

What is the likelihood of bill passage?


It seems Uganda is dead set on passing this.
You know how some of "us" can act when we get on our high horse.
Uganda officals are already saying more or less they don't give a damn what other countries think about their legislation.
They gon' do whut they gon' do.
(According to some of them)

Derrick from Philly

Every time one of these stories comes out I have to shake my head...all I can think of is Eugene O'Neill's "The Emperor Jones" Idiots in charge. I'm sure that many Africans shake their heads also--not being able at this time to do anything about the absurdity of those that "lead" their countries.

Just as Ridiculous as it is frightening.

Mel Smith

It's about to be 2010 and Uganda is backwards enough to create a law that will execute gays???

The lawmakers of Uganda must be following the tactics of the Nazis or something.

This is some sick crazy sh!t.

Only sorry as$ evil losers would support a law that violates the human rights of other human beings.

Do the citizens of Uganda realize that their lawmakers are attacking gays in order to hide the social and economic problems that exist in their nation?

If that anti-gay law pass, Uganda would be another nation that participates in genocide.

Damn, don't they see that President Obama supports gay rights?

What the hell is wrong with all these other loser politicians.

We have to help our gay brothers and sisters in Uganda. We should protest or something.

The lawmakers of Uganda are trying to commit genocide.


Not to be all that negative...
Obama timidly supports gay rights in rhetoric only (sorry, just my opinion).

He's had numerous opportunities to stand up on the right side of equality and use his executive authority to halt some inequalities which would in effect put some fire on congress to act in a more timely manner.

Yes, I realize he has other things on his plate HOWEVER....
This whole "equality" thing as minute as it may seem to some people should have ALREADY BEEN passed. This is backtracking and finishing up work that should have been done a long time ago.

I believe that we do need to stand up and protest this atrocity that is happening in the mother land, but more importantly we need to stand up for OURSELVES as GLBT people of color to send a message that we are HERE and we count just as our African brothers and sisters.

Empowerment begins at home...

Mel Smith

DaRealistOne, I agree with you.


I blame the world leaders, even more so the African leaders -- being African myself this is so heartbreaking. U know for sure none of the african leaders are going to speak up. They are just gonna sit their collective corrupt asses down and probably co-sign. Its disgusting on so many levels.

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