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25 November 2009



Wow. Well justice is being served at least somewhat. I wish they could arrest the other students too but it iswhat it is...


I don't understand why all the students weren't taken into custody, even to stand lesser charges. This whole scenario was fueled by this jeering mob and are therefore culpable. Just think they're going to continue to think that harrassing is less of a hate crime than wielding a metal pipe. Can't imagine how terrified Jayron must have felt when that bus driver let him off the bus without doing anything. Sad thing is that my comment can be copied and pasted to any of the other vicious attacks that we've read on here for the past several days. Sad indeed.


I am so glad that mothers are standing up for their gay children. The Baltimore child didn't have anyone to stand up for him. The teachers of his scholl have stood for him more than his "so-called" family. His grandmother has said something, but there is so much cover-up in that family that it is hard to decipher why a forced sexaul relationship started and continued with knowlegde from certain family members.

I am glad this mother is filing charges. Families have for so long, have tried to keep these type of things quiet, and sweep them under the carpet in order to preserve the "black family image". We all have to shout "NO" to these situations and stand up and break from the status quo. Come out of the dark into the light and demand justice.


It's about time! Good to see that charges are a coming.

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