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02 November 2009



She really is one of a few. I know Rupaul had his VH-1 show, plus Drag Race on Logo now, and the guy on BET Jazz (I think it was Keith Boykin). Are there more?


I find her to be an embarrassment, anyone that states , " Being Gay is harder that being Black, " is a disgrace. The average white gay male are middle class and when they stop blaming black people for the failure of Prop 8, I will respect them. Wanda fails to notice the racism within the the community that she embrace fully.


I see we’re trying to be provocative tonight, Ted.

You know, there have been a couple of men on this blog who, in so many words, have said the same thing as Wanda did. Are they disgraces, too? I have talked about this subject with more black gay men than I can count, and some have said that they have experienced more discrimination for being black than for being gay, and some have said the reverse. Are all the ones who said the reverse disgraces?

I don’t think someone can be a disgrace for honestly reporting what she has experienced. Someone is a disgrace for hurting other people. (Are you trying to be a disgrace, Ted?)

As for “failing to notice the racism” within the gay community, one thing I’m quite sure Wanda Sykes is not, and that is unobservant.



Don't forget Arsenio. ;)

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