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23 November 2009


Derrick from Philly

Sometimes jail can change a person, child. It can be a humbling experience for some. Of course a federal penitentiary is a lot different than a state prison of county jail. She wouldn't have lasted a half hour in a state prison....unless she found a "Daddy" to look after her, but girlfriend wasn't young and pretty anymore when they sent her up the creek.

I wonder what's going on in that Lady Macbeth mind of hers. She can't be a Democrat. Maybe she's afraid Palin will tear the Republican Party apart in a vicious primary battle (oh, gooody!)


@ Derrick:

Of course Martha Stewart is a Democrat. For many years she's supported and donated to Democratic candidates in New York and nationally and was quite vocal in her opposition to McCain/Palin.

Wow. Maybe she doesn't like Palin for the reasons she said...that her politics are dangerous.


I think she spoke the truth and I feel the same way about that fool! The Republican party of today and yesterday are racists and hate mongers and the sad thing is that there are some dumb folks who believe the crap she spews and follows it literally and that is very dangerous in my opinion.


I still love me som Martha! Say what ya will, if ANY of us had her $$ and you were told that the "ship" was sinking and your $$ was on it, you'd do the same thing! As for this issue: I 100% agree with her-

History Major

Martha Stewart does not have it with these bimbos.

Don't expect Sarah peddling that propaganda piece she call a book on Martha Stewart Live anytime soon.


Like Matt Damon before her Martha recognizes that Sarah Palin is one of the most dangerous person this country has seen in a long time... someone with power and not the intelligence to back up or use that power with any compassion toward anyone who doesn't agree with her agenda or policies!!!!!


Well, the Queen B does speak the true. I have much respect for the Queen B.


Go on now Miss Martha, show 'em that not all rich folks fall for the lies and hypocrisy of the GOP, sorry, party of No and hate.

Oh yeah, Derrick, don't forget she went to jail because she is a democrat, they made that clear all during and before the trial.

Derrick from Philly

Oh, thank you, CARLOS and LUTHER. I truly didn't know that Lady Mac...I mean, Miss Martha is a Democrat.

Bless her soul. Poor righteous woman--how dare those bastards persecute her.

...she's a Dem? Really? Well, I adore her unscrupulous azz now, Well, every Democrat aint a saint, said Papa Joe Kennedy.

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