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09 November 2009



You go, girl!!! I can't wait to hear the outcome of the vote-


Beautiful! I live in Albany, NY. I hope the NYS Senate does vote for equality. Gov. Patterson is very unpopular, but I seem to have more respect for him, than Pres. Obama.


Sorry, but Christine Quinn speaks with a forked tongue. She lied about term limits, saying that she would fight anyone who tried to change it and then turned right around and supported Bloomberg when he did just that. She lied about slush funds. She hid millions of taxpayer dollars by allocating grants to phantom organizations as a way of holding the funds to dole out political favors and reward those who were loyal to her. There's much more. Just Google her name along with the word "lies."

So forgive me if I don't give this lying cow a high five. She is a "paper tiger" to Albany and she knows it. Nothing she says will make the slightest dent in their decisions. To my eyes, this is nothing more than a political move to gain favor from her gay constituents whom she has betrayed several times over. IMO, everything she says and does is for the benefit of Christine Quinn and no one else. Here are the facts:


Draw your own conclusions.

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