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24 November 2009



What a retard!!


If she didn't she wouldn't who she is...


I love Adam Lambert, the boy can sang, he's attractive and smart enough to not take all of it so seriously. I bought his album and believe he is an inspiration for all of us to be who we are, gay, straight or otherwise. Black, white or fuscia. Adam rocks!


If Lady GaGa or Madonna did that same exact performance, i think the medias perception of it would be completely different. It's become very clear over the past few years that the media and America seems to be slightly more comfortable with lesbian/girl on girl action but when two guys are expressing their sexuality, there's an outrage over it. Overall the performance wasn't all that great but the outrage over the man on man action is shameful.


I'm not a prude in the least bit, but the show is a family show (for the most part). Jonas Brothers among other pre-teenie act have performed on the show. Lambert's performance was over the top for the setting. He admitted that the performance was definitely more sexual than how they rehearsed. And yes if Lady GaGa or Mondonna did the same it would be less of a bruhaha (but still a stink). However it does not change the fact that it is inappropriate for the setting. Save it for the concert and put a parent advisory warning before purchasing tickets or album.


What Adam did was over the top, but expected. I didn't mind it at all. The only thing I didn't like was that he was unable to utilize his voice because of all the running around and such. If he was able to do all that he did and still have breath control so he could sing, I wouldn't have minded.

He knows that sometimes it's all about "keep them talking". It doesn't matter what people say, as long as they keep talking about you. The good thing is that the public already knows he can sing, so we know this is all stunt work. I do belive he is smart enough to know when and where to pull this sort of thing. He won't do it during regular daytime tv.

But he is right about there being a double standard with expressing sexualtity. Lesbians can do whatever, but gay men always get it.


The performance was rubbish and I pretty much avoid American Idol alumni because not one of them produces anything worth listening to. BUT..Adam Lambert is right though about the double standard regarding female and male sexuality in our culture. Females come out of the womb with the expectation that they are walking sex objects.

Does anyone think that Hollywood celebrities would have been signing that 'Free Roman Polanski' petition if he had done what he did with a 13 year old boy? Don't think so. Girl-girl makeout is now seen as a right of passage among the young, but if a guy even acknowledges that another guy is attractive he's stigmatized as 'Gay'. And, Gay, as in male homosexual, is always used as a stigma.

Look at the way people carry on if they encounter a statue in public with a penis or if there's a billboard with a man with visible proof of genitalia beneath his designer briefs..Mass Hysteria and calls to protect the children. It's as if the penis is gonna bite them.

We are more scared of men's bodies and sexuality more than ever. Just go to a beach in the summertime and see how many guys are wearing swimsuits that are basically capri pants, many of them with boxer shorts underneath. This anxiety has reached even men themselves.


just STOP pushing it in america's face.

america has spoken. we don't want to see raunchy gay sex simulations on family tv. my children don't need to see it... and this is a family headed by 2 gay men.
Of course you are "2 gay men", hon. Of course you are. -RM

Crazy in the Bay Area

This is so crazy...on that SAME SHOW...Janet Jackson grabbed the crotch of one of her dancers while singing the song "IF"...this definitely a double standard.


Hahhahahhahahaa!!! Two gay men? Hummmm....... That's a crock. Also, it happened around 11pm so why were your "children" up at that time? Good parents would have their children (especially those this sort of display may affect) in bed by then. If they are old enough to be up at that time, this menas they have seen MTV which has a lot worse, so get ovet yourself dearie. Smooches


it's really interesting how liberal the general gay population wants everything to be as a way of authenticating our sexuality... as if you don't exist without in-your-face carnality. it takes all kinds, RM... and by the way, that wasnt affection... it was gratuitous raunchiness... and i don't think madonna should be screened doing it either.

now to the diva!!!! bedtimes? really? you were never allowed to stay up to watch michael jackson on motown or whatever? puhleeze.
"Gratuitous raunchiness" ... like when you said the judge accused of forcing sex from inmates "probably had some great sex"? Or another kind? smhlolz -RM


The opinions this woman expresses are so far "right", it baffles me that she could have the audacity to use the word "subjectively" in any sentence.

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