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10 December 2009


Derrick from Philly

See, Tiger should've moved to South Carolina. Adultery is no "high crime" in the Palmetto State...not even 15 adulteries.


I guess it's ok to attack the sanctity of marriage as long as you are a straight male...and bein' white don't hurt.


Well, I see that the South Carolina State Legislature Republicans feel the need to circle the wagons rather than do the ethical thing and oust Sanford from office. However, that would require them to admit they would have their first proven gay governor in state history. Boy, I thought us in Alabama had it bad, but the citizens in South Carolina have it worse.

Sasha Not So Fierce

Straight men (esp white men) can have as many affairs as they please. But a gay man or woman in a loving relationship is never seen as an equal. Shameful.


I think every South Carolina state employee should not come to work for a week with no explanation. They should then file a class action lawsuit when they're fired. Afterall if the Governor, who's basically the CEO of the state can do it, why not any other state worker?

This is such typical Bible Belt behavior. The same legislators who find it so easy to forgive their AWOL adulterer governor will be beating the homophobic family values drums come re-election time and their hypocritical constinuents will lap it up like cream.


I ashamed to say that I'm originally from Charleston. Down there, blacks don't vote and white are so ass backwards that this doesn't surprise me at all. Not enough people there will speak out against this. They just let things happen. However, this is not all bad news. People like this governor and Sarah Palin, continue to expose the republican party for what it really is. Come election time, voters (just like in '08) won't forget this and they will lose.

Differing View

The truth is he should not lose him job and his views are horrible towards others having equality...and the world keeps on turning, big wheel keep on burning...

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