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11 December 2009



Wow. That was soooo long ago.
I remember that case, around the time I started reading this blog. Such a sad story and the young man had so much promise. It's horrible what happened to him.

Nathan James

When Michael's killers were arrested, the NYPD and Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes made the decision to charge them with hate-crimes "because of the whole evolution of the crime". The city is absolutely correct. As Rod clearly notes, the killers 1)actively sought to victimize a gay man through the use of A4A, on the premise that gay men are 'weaker, and less likely to resist a robbery', 2) made multiple online exchanges with him in attempts to entice him to come out to isolated Plumb Beach with the promise of a hookup, and 3) specifically targeted Sandy based on his orientation, and this attending robbery and murder gave the Brooklyn DA a prima facie case for charging hate crimes.

I hope the Court Of Appeals sees through the killers' tissue of concoctions and crocodile tears, and keeps them "up north", exactly where they belong. As a side note, Brooklyn DA Hynes will soon be bringing trial against the killers of Ecuadorean immigrant Jose Sucuzhanay, who was kiled because he was merely thought to be gay, one year ago tomorrow. We shall see if the DA can obtain a conviction in this case, as well.


I hope they throw him back in jail on his ass.

Gee Gee

The sad thing about it is that they are "young" and "white", they might get off scott free! Sad as hell though...

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