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23 December 2009


Xavier Dereon

With millions of people jobless and many more starving, this is what they worry about?


A. Ronald

Well, you can't say the Obama White House doesn't love gays. They let an A-gay decorate the tree and put a drag queen on an ornament. That's equality!


History Major

Didn't Jesus wear dresses?


All of that said, I'm just a bit intrigued at the need to play CAMPY at the White House. I mean at the end of the day, I am gayer than most people and I don't get it. It's a moment that maybe Simon thought he'd get away with but WHY?! Why "get away" with disrespecting the White House with CHAIRMAN MAO? I don't know if I really care about the drag queen ornaments because maybe that was a statement of WE ARE AMERICA and all kinds of "folks" are on the tree, but come on!

See, gonna be hard to make real steps when we keep taking backwards steps like this. It's cute but dang, I would have expected this A-list, front-page designer to "do" something better than camp for Christmas. That's so 1980s.


much ado about nothing...i meant Mao. it's a Warhol inspired ornament. whining about an Xmas ornament is really, really splitting hairs. Now are we supposed to abandon the color RED altogether?!, and how about any Chinese ornaments?! get real!

Craig merkey

News, culture and a spelling lesson. I didn't know how to spell decoupage once again thank you !
Thanks. We're full service here! ;) -RM

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