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29 December 2009



Those women were a couples?
I live down in the 'Sip and hadn't even heard that. Mercy, mercy.

Prayers for all of them and their families. Those little babies just had Christmas, too. smh


Such a horrible end to the holidays. My heart goes out to all the families.

William Lavender

I heard about this on the news I think CNN but they did not report in this angle. Thank you for providing more details. This is truly sad and my hearts go out to the families.

DW Jazzlover

So Sad.


Thanks for keeping us in the know Rod I heard about this on CNN as well but did not know this was a gay couple. I feel so bad for these women and their babies. This is terrible.


I saw the headline on CNN - Fire kills 9, including 6 children - and just noted that in the media they always seem to focus on the children, and didn't read the article. Having more details, like the alleged bad wiring and that four of the victims had been taken in by the residents, just serves to remind us how bad things get for those who don't have enough. You have to do things to survive that can go terribly wrong because safety and security only come at a price, and no one ever cares unless it does, and then only sometimes - there are far too many tragedies that never even get remarked upon. Truly horrible.

alicia banks


more foreclosures and bleeding jobs = more slum lords and shoddy apts = more deaths

obama is torching us all!!!

eloquent fury


I live in Starkville and had no idea that the women were partners. All the local news just reported them as friends. I had no idea

Maria Lopez

Why did they have to mention the race & sexuality of the victims. What does that have to do with anything.. BLACK LESBIANS. Lives were lost and the circumstances around the fire was that needed mentioning. How does race & sexuality even has any significance. Must be an amateur who wrote this article.. Prayers to the family

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