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14 December 2009



to hell with nene and kim. both are money hungry and triffling.

gay magnet my black azz! nene thinks she is a queen and loves to have gays around her, doing her "hair" and makeup.

boys, she is laughing AT you not WITH you.


I hope not! I love the drama that Nene and Kim bring. Who could replace that mess lol


I hate NeNe!

These white folks in LA are using her on Access Hollywood to act like a stereotypical black woman. NeNe is a joke and her sons should be embarrassed to have her as a mother.

As far as Kim... I'm tired of her getting beat up by blacks just to have them as friends. Though I think she enjoys it.


Nene is an embarrassment to black people everywhere. And she herself admits that she sees no reason to be a "role model" for blacks, she is just being her. Funny, her queen Dwight says the same thing about not being a role model for black gay men and he is one of the very few black gay men on tv.

Kim ... well, she seems like she has to out-ghetto the ghetto black folks she loves so much.

Tired of both of them. smh




These reality "stars" have yet to learn that they're only popular because they're on a particular show. Once they leave the show that's made them "famous", no one gives a damn about them. You think these two dummies would realize if they're not on Atlanta Housewives no one gives a damn about them. Haven't they learned from the slew of reality show has-beens before them?


Truthfully, I can't stand any of these reality shows. I'm tired of hearing about people with no talent and no accomplishments being paraded around for all to see. Bring back the days when you had scriptwriters write good scripts and actors who could act their way out of a paper bag. Reality shows are cheap to produce and make a quick buck. I guess it's true when people say that you get what you pay for. Nothing but crap. They should cancel RHOA along with those no talent hacks showing their embarrassments on TV. I remember when black actors would say that there are no more acting roles available for them because all the black roles were going to rappers.

me love ne ne

ok u people are too tight ass'd the show is the bomb, ne ne and kim are the bomb i love them they make the show and they are too funny, stop hating on them,

Danny Rivera

"Tight ass'd" must be ghetto-speak for "not ghetto enough".

So anyone who doesn't worship g-fab Nene is "tight ass'd"
If you say so, hon.


I don't hate on people. Just like you can love that show, I am allowed to find the show pathetic. But you don't hear me calling you or anyone else who likes the show a Ne Ne or Kim boot-licker. It goes both ways.


I'm not going to lie, I laugh at and shake my head at those fools on RHOA. Maybe Bravo will do better with the RHODC with an actual mixed cast of blacks and white socialites that actually have money compared to the joke in Atlanta. Oh well, if they aren't there or well if they are on there again.

History Major

Obviously this is just to generate buzz in the upcoming season.

Nene was such a supporting character second season with her constant quest to find out which man in Athens Georgia was her dad.

Kandi & Kim were the highlights of the 2nd season and as long as Kandi is around the show will succeed.

Sheree and Lisa are interesting and we will continue to be supporting characters.

Drop Nene, leave everyone else, add a newbie. Some trashy white girl to clash with Kim.


LOL @ History Major

He has a point, tho. What is the show without Nene? And I'm not a huge Nene fan but its obvious she carries the show!


I love NeNe! Kim not so much but lets be honest, if the show looses both of them then that's about it. Also its reality TV, some of you queens are taking it too seriously.


I love Nene!! I don't know how much of this I will watch without her because Kandi is boring to me.


SMDH @ screencaptures

And that is ladylike?
All them hoez are ghetto and triffling

Kandi is the only one with real class. Lisa pretends to be so high and mighty (dont let the hair fool you) but remember the fight she started on the reunion.


I don't know how anyone sits through more than ten minutes of these shows. These are people I wouldn't want to watch at a bus station. The fact that these people have fans is stunning news. Life is too short to spend it watching trash blow by.

History Major

@ mjolnir202

And yet you are commenting on the "trash"

Please save of the sanctimonious crap.

S. Flemming

Gotta confess the show is a guilty pleasure of mine ... I think they are both hysterical. You just have to take it for what it is. I don't think it would be the same if they left.


S. Flemming, I think u hit it on the money. RHOA is probably a guilty pleasure of a lot of peoples and the point is not to take is so seriously. It's just entertainment. With that being said, I have to stick with my guns: Nene IS RHOA and without her, I honestly don't think it will be as successful. Kandi may be everyone's new favorite, but her regular life won't carry that show alone. Watch and see


Wow I don't know what else to say but "who gon' check me, boo?"


@ History Major: This is a blog that exists for the purpose of people commenting on the topics posted even if they don't like story, the subject of the story or the people therein.

The fact that you love watching "The Broke skanks of (adjacent)Atlanta" is just fantastic and certainly your right, but I'm hardly sanctimonious for hating these idiotic programs, I just have good taste.


NeNe can go but Kim must stay. She needs to stay to keep showing that white people can be just as "ghetto" and "hoodrat" as black people no matter how much money they have. Money doesn't buy class. These ladies are proof of that.


It's no coincidence that NeNe's gay male friends are the kind of gay men that are considered negative stereotypes. Dwight and his ilk are avoided like H1N1 by everyone except for the loud D-list queens in Atlanta that are certified "man repellant".

Xavier Deron

>>>"avoided like H1N1"
Spoken like a true wannabe snap queen!

Do the masculine, "athletic" tops in Atlanta even worry about queens like Dwight? Do they even comment on week old stories about them? Just a thought, hon. Just a thought!

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