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20 December 2009


Shane Moseley

The Wileys are doing fantastic work.

They are a beacon of hope and truly are an inspiration for others in the black church.

Outstanding service and very affirming. I hope to make it again one day soon...

Andy Niable

Looks forward to Dan Savage's and/or Andrew Sullivan's acknowledgement of this story, which flies in the face of their "blacks vote against gay causes/caused Prop 8 to pass" meme.

Hello? Dan? Andy?

Homo N Harlem

This is a great story. The DC and NYS marriage votes showed that "blacks" were not opposing marriage. The majority of black DC councimlmembers voted for marriage (only two voted no) and in NYS it was the white, ethnic vote that doomed marriage. Only two black senators voted against it.

Milky Loads Sullivan can kiss my black azz. haha, he might like that.

Truly, Q

the wileys are DEEP

people like that can change the world


These are the types of pastors we should support more both by attending their churches and financially

alicia banks

thank god for real christians!

may they continue to slay the louder more visible homohating hypochristians!

THEY must reclaim the churches who dog us

alicia banks
eloquent fury

Taylor Siluwe

@ Truly, Q:

People like the Wileys have changed the world. The ones who knew in their gut that slavery was just down right wrong even though it was sanctioned by scripture, etc, etc.

Civilization has advanced to the point it is now because of progressive thinkers, people who live what they preach, people just like the Wileys.

Bless them.

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