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22 December 2009


Eaton W1B

Really? Rihanna fancies Marvin?

You would think she would have got the message when Marvin DIDNT COME OVER when he saw her in the club. Thats what celebrities always do, wouldnt you think two young stars would say hello?

Or maybe Marvin was too busy chatting up some buff young lad! There's a thought!



marvin is light skin and goodlooking. i think those are rihanna's maine requirements. although marvin and jls career is shooting up, they really don't need her.

The Truth

They would look cute together.


If you can get it girl, get some.


lol these are tabloids. And Rihanna went on record to say she likes bad boys(i think on her GQ interview.not her exact words but thats what she meant). Something tells me there is no bad boy in JLS.


yeah, it's obvious rihanna "likes bad boys". we saw exactly how much when chris brown almost killed her.

sadly, something tells me that she really does prefer men who will use their fists. i don't see any of the jls boys doing that. i dont see then doing anything besides shopping with her, but that's a different story


Maybe Rhiana likes "suspects"


I don't see him and Rihanna together. I don't know if she likes Bad boys or not, but they just don't seem very compatible to me. But who knows.

Also, what is this mess about Ri- Ri and this illuminati stuff? Do yall believe that rumor? I do think her "Wait is ova" video was a little disturbing.


Rihanna likes evryone, men or women (have you heard the comments she made about Megan Fox???) anywho she's alright in my book but honey, if this is true, I don't think you'll be getting anywhere with this one... Stick with Megan...


You in danger!

Sian Humes

sorry, but marvin is mine.

Kelly smith

Omgg like I'm marvin's no1 fan nd this better not be true!! Lol it's coz I'm obsessed with marvin x I love him farr too much ily marv x x


Uhhh..I mean what Chris did was bad but...he never had a "bad boy" image before lol. Not until the incident at least

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