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08 December 2009


Homo N Harlem

Tiger's unbridled lust and mania for white women will be his undoing, mark my words.

And I wonder which "half" is black and which "half" is Asian ... from the waist up or down? HAHA


I can finally say it: I've always cringed whenever I saw his Howdy Doodie face on my TV screen. And he was on my screen at least 3 times a day it seemed.
He's always had a fake insincere quality about him...corny, weak, lame.
It's bad to kick a man when he's down. But I always knew if I had tried to speak to him on the street, he'd be the type to turn his nose up at a brother.
So screw him.
(And by the way, he wants the world to know: he's not black. lmao!)


Does the amount of sanctity in a heterosexual marriage decrease with each mistress that comes forward?

alicia banks


his bad.
his bimbos.
his bilking.

i hope all his whores/sex were worth it

elin is off to sweden asap...


Gee Gee

I do not feel sorry for this man AT ALL!!! He deserves what he gets, he gets no sympathy from me. He around here running up in these women RAW with no protection, putting his wife at risk. Please!! Give me a break!! And the women he was with wasn't even top notch tricks....He married the nanny or maid, whatever she was, and tricked off with nothing azz women.. Says a lot about his taste..LOL..This is full out hilarity..LMBO..


Another heterosexual messes up the sanctity of marriage. Great. I bet someone out there is blaming the gays.


Still don't care. Tiger has absolutely nothing to do with my life.


@ Freeleo:

No one said you had to care. It's just some celebrity news. But there's lots of stuff on here that probably impacts your life (marriage, discrimination, etc) that you didn't comment on. And if memory serves, Chris Brown has "absolutely nothing to do" with your life and you defended him/commented on him many times. Just a thought.


So what are we at now? Mistress 10? The porn bimbo? smdh

And not one of them black .. or eve biracial. So much self hatred in that Calabasian.

Mel Smith

Tiger Woods is a human being just like everyone else. Everybody make mistakes. Woods did what a lot of people do; he cheated on his spouse.

Now, Tiger was wrong, but he is not perfect.

As gay people, we are already an oppress group. Please don't judge. Tiger did not do anything terrible.


>>>As gay people, we are already an oppress group. Please don't judge. Tiger did not do anything terrible.

Mel, do not equate heterosexual billionaire and serial cheater Tiger Woods with being "oppressed". That's just bs and I'm going to call you on that: BULL S__T.

We can say or not say whatever we want about heterosexual married Tiger Woods and his dozens of mistresses. GAYS can't get married, no correlation.

And I'm really getting ANGRY at the black gay men who keep comparing heterosexuals gone wild (Woods, Chris Brown, etc) with gays and saying "we shouldn't judge". Gays being denied rights and attacked and killed have NOTHING to do with the bad publicity surrounding Tiger Woods.



@ Mel Smith:

"Everybody make mistakes. Woods did what a lot of people do; he cheated on his spouse."

So that makes it better?
Cheating once or twice, even three times, is a mistake. At least ten affairs over the course of a 5 year marriage, including one that last almost 3 YEARS, that shows a very dangerous personality.

No one is really buying the "don't judge" Christian talk at this blog. But don't compare Tiger's tabloid troubles to being "gay" or "oppressed". That's a big fat FAIL.


Maybe Eldrick Woods should change his nickname to "Dog".


I think it's obvious this man is a entitled narcissist, more or less like most other celebrities. And I don't mind his obsession with white women, whatever floats his (probably very small) boat. All his women seem rather ... average no? Tiger Woods can have any woman in the world and he runs after nannies and waitresses. As long as they're white. But he is a "threat" to the institution of marriage? Of course not!

Aaron Parker

Sorry, but if anyone, black gay men should be commenting on this story. Tiger Woods is married (=we can't) and at least one of his women has specifically said they did NOT use protection.

"Jaimee Grubbs — a 24-year-old cocktail waitress who broke the news that she had a 31-month affair with Tiger Woods — says the golfer, 33, never wanted to use protection."

Didn't use protection during an almost 3 year affair? And he has only been married 5 years? That's not a mistake, that's a deathwish. And going to take that home to the wife? If this were a black gay man he would be vilified.

Aaron Parker

Oh and tricking with a pornstar too?

Wonder did he use protection with her?



Aaron Parker said: “If this were a black gay man he would be vilified.”

That is some truth there.

But he’s such a sweet boy. My mother has always adored him.


Homo N Harlem said: “Tiger's unbridled lust and mania for white women will be his undoing, mark my words.”

What an absurd remark. So are you saying that if Tiger had only been cheating with black women, everything would have been just fine? He would just have been exercising his prerogative as a true-blue, red-blooded American brother?

Do you happen to agree with that, Ms. Banks?

E. Alan

I think Tiger Woods has handled this situation gracefully. It can't be easy having your life plastered all over tv and the internet, especially if you're a person who values their privacy. He made the one statement and has not said another word.And good for him, he doesn't owe us any explanations.

Plus, it kinda sucks how gleeful ppl seem to be about this whole mess. I guess its that whole cult of celebrity thing- we build 'em up,then we tear 'em down. SMH...

Tony DR

@ E Alan:

If you consider having at least 11 mistresses over 5 years graceful, and fckng porn stars w/o a condom them coming home to wifey ... okay.

And "we" didn't tear Tiger down. No one told him to fck every woman in sight, without condoms no less. SMH indeed.


the whole not using a condom thing, among straight men, really not that rare, married or not. People say one thing and do another.

Tony DR

@ Jim:

But yet this has been Tiger Woods' downfall. Not to say that he can't recover, but it seems like he is some type of sex addict, no? In addition to being a presciption drug addict. I'd say he has a few problems.

And I'm sorry, but raw sex with porn stars (while the wifey is preggers!) and then coming home is potentially exposing himself or wife to HIV. Actually, unsafe sex with anyone does this.

A. Martinez

@ Freeleo, Mel Smith, E Alan etc:

Oh please. Shall we give Tiger's dick a rest and discuss his hideous political affiliations? He's a Republican who voted for George W Bush not once but TWICE. He's also friends with House Republican Leader John Boehner, who is very anti gay and very against our rights.

I would not be surprised if Tiger does not support gay rights or gay marriage. At all. Meanwhile, he is married and has trick after trick, some for years, in his "sacred" institution of marriage. I am very surprised and a little disappointed Rod has not mentioned this.

A. Martinez

And one more thing:

In the past 24 hours, Mistress 11 has come forward! And its porn star Joslyn James to take the title of Tiger's latest whore.

I wonder if Hallmark will release a 2010 calander when number 12 decides to come forth. And you know she will, it's only a matter of time. A TPT whore for each month of the year...

J karona

cheetah woods

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