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10 December 2009




Of course they exist, if they didnt exist he wouldnt need to take a preemptive strike and get an order in Britain.

Fail, fail, fail.

Greg G

Countdown to the black gay men who apologize/defend/rationalize the "I'm not black" straight guy's dangerous promiscuity.

'Cuz, you know, straight black men (and Calablasians!) defend black gay men and our right to get married and have massive promiscous sex!



not surprising given the recent turn of events. very sad if true.

and once again, another "family values" republican who couldnt keep it in his pants and supported people who told us that we were promiscuous, freaks, sex crazed, etc.



There going to come out anyway and now people will be gunning to get these pictures and videos, LOL!


I heard that Tiger Woods is changing his name. Yep, he's thinking of chaning it to Cheetah Woods.

What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Clause? Santa Clause only had three hos.

Tiger is a cheetah who is lion.

What's a tiger in your tank? I don't know but that's what Tiger Woods told his jump-offs that he'd do for them.

In golf a wood is for sand shots. What's an iron for? It's hitting your husband over the head when you find that he's been giving his wood to other women.


British law is strange. How can you get a court order blocking desemination of something you don't admit exists? I wanna get a court order blocking anyone from posting pictures online of my unicorn. lol

Doesn't matter though, American law is not so nice towards celebrities. Plus, the internet is also known as the WORLD wide web for a reason. If those pictures are out there, they will see the light of day.

Tiger was beyond indiscreet. Pictures and raw sex...Wow!! I can see Tiger on Maury anyday now waiting for paternity test results.

@ Greg G: Some of us aren't defending Tiger and his straight male privilege. I don't think he's a victim of the media or anything else since he's been eating free at that table for years. Can't complain that he's got a fishbone stuck in his throat now.
Some of us just have no great rage or emotion to direct towards someone who is a stranger to us. Tiger hits a ball into a hole in the ground **really well, but that's all it is. He's not taking my civil rights away, not taking my job, not endangering me and certainly not thinking about ME while I type this.

What Tiger did is terrible for him, his wife and kids, but no one else. It's no different than any other man who cheats. Today at the gym I heard two guys talking about cheating on their wives. Yes, this was prompted by Tiger news on ESPN. I didn't feel anger or rage towards them because it didn't concern me. That's too much energy to direct towards a stranger when I could be using that energy to improve my own life. Tiger and his little scandal is like candy, empty calorie amusement, but I'm not looking for it to sustain me.

The posts of some of the commentors since Rod posted the first Tiger story are too much. He's either a villian shrouded in darkness or a martyr. Please! He's just another self-centered, narcistic cheating man who thought no further than the tip of his penis. Exceedingly common.

Derrick from Philly


thank you.

I and others like to make jokes on this type of topic. Your comment was the most mature comment I've ever read on the varied reactions that occur when "vilified" black gay folks observe the tribulations of black straight folks who get vilified due to their behavior.

Do we sympathize and defend (because of a historical unified reaction to racism--even when we deal with black folks' anti-gay hatred)?

Do we make fun and gloat (because so many hypocritical black heteros accuse us of being immoral)?

Or do we do the mature thing you just described? We say, the behavior of this heterosexual fool doesn't help or hurt me.


Who would want to see Tiger Woods naked???

Chitown Kev

Ok, here's my take on all of this Tiger Woods DRAMA!

I liken this more to the drama by, say, Michael Jordan and Whitney Houston.

All had squeaky clean images and the tarnishing of that squeaky clean image just fuels the speculation of the tabloids even more.

I submit that this type of drama would NOT have happened to, say, Allen Iverson or...even Prince back in the day...it certainly wouldn't have gone on that long but then, based on the "bad boy" image that we already had of those two, it would have been expected.

As far as defending Tiger...I'm with Derrick here, there's nothing to defend. It neither helps me or hurts me, it has nothing to do with me.

But I won't deny that I want ALL the tea.

Derrick from Philly


it's actually the previous poster, mjolnir202, that helped me figure out...or aticulate how I really feel about these black celebrity scandals. The only time I care is when it turns "racial"...you know, "well, these black guys are oversexed beasts--they can't help it"--that kind of thing.

I remember the OJ Ordeal. Many white folks thought that black folks were pro-OJ....that we believed he was innocent. NO...we weren't pro-OJ. We were anti-LA Police Department, and wanted them punished and humiliated. Most of us didn't really give a crap about OJ Simpson's fate.

Even though Tiger's offense is no where near as serious as OJ's, and doesn't deal with historical animosities, I think many of us feel similar about Mister Woods personally as we did about OJ Simpson. We don't care.

Now, if it was Tiger Tyson (aka Johnell) who was accused of being immoral and "sexually out of control"-- I would care! I'd defending him, and I'd be cussin' all y'all out.

Greg G


Voting for George Bush did take the rights away of a lot of people.

@ Derrick:

I didn't say gloat. I said rush to defend, rationalize or explain a straight guys promiscuous (sp?) behavior or bad behavior.

Both of you read this blog and comment just as much as I do. And I respect both of your comments. But I am clueless why so black gay men (neither of you btw) have come on this blog and made it their mission to defend black male celebrities. It's very much part of our culture to defend men who misbehave aka "they're just being a man."

And two things: Tiger says he is NOT black so I desire to embrace him as a "black man being pulled down." And please do not compare the billionaire heterosexual Tiger being laughed or criticized by people on blogs .... to gay people being bashed, their rights being voted away or preachers attacking from the pulpit. BIG DIFFERENCE.

If Tiger Woods is being "vilified" by people in some blogs, he still has his right to get married to any of his hoes, he's still looked with respect by millions. We don't. Very bad choice of words.

Differing View

I am just laughing my head off here because he is not a GOD, he is human and all that he has done is defined by being human. Simply stated: temptation!

By the way, I am not interested in seeing him naked because he is one of the most asexual appearing men I have ever seen.


This just confirms my belief that black men who chase after white women (as with as many women he was with no a SINGLE black one in the bunch?!?) are true freaks!!

I'm just glad that he never wanted to be "black" so we don't have to claim his foolishness now...

D. Askew

"He's just another self-centered, narcistic cheating man who thought no further than the tip of his penis. Exceedingly common."

Agreed! Narcissism and celebrity have no boundaries!


Piggybacking on what Greg said:

There has been a marked change in the tone in the Tiger Woods comments, just like there has been a change in the Chris Brown, Larry Johnson, Drew Gooden and Terrell Carter comments. The initial wave of comments were extremely supportive and attacked people who said otherwise. Now, the consensus seems to be "What they did was wrong but I'm not going to blame or point fingers."

Too many times in recent history the comments on this blog have been wildly supportive of celebrity black straight men accused of doing women wrong or attacking gay men. It's very sad because you never see that rush to support victims of gay bashing on this blog. Crickets in the Tony Randolph Scott, Nana Boo Mack, Jorge Lopez etc posts.

Several people have even compared Tiger or Chris Woods to black gay men being oppressed and Rod very thankfully checked them. He's also had to check commenters who were over the top supporting Larry Johnson, Drew Gooden, Tim Hardaway, etc.

Celebrities being criticized by random strangers on a blog in the confines of gossip is nothing like gay people being condemned from pulpits, governor's mansions or state legislatures. It's nothing like black straight people tearing us down in church. And does someone really seriously believe black straight people are going to be any nicer to us?..going to give us our rights and stop condemning us in church and giving more respect to gangbangers?...if we don't mention this on our blogs? Is Sister So and So at the MB Church reading all the blogs and taking a report back to the church?

I don't think so. I think some of you are older or of a different generation and possibly feel obligated not to confront black straight people. I don't know. But I'm always amazed when black gay men try to patrol gossip comments and make that a litmus test of equality. That's bs and I'm not buying it.

Chitown Kev


What I find insuting is that a post like this will get far more hits then the number of posts about politics that Rod throws up.

Now I post on issues all over the blogosphere and as a rule if I don't post here I have something posted somewhere about whatever that is. And I don't like to say the same thing twice.

I mean, other then a little snark, wanting some more Tiger tea I really don't have much to say about this.

Derrick from Philly

No, Greg G:

I wasn't trying to point out anyone directly about "gloating" when black straight celebrities get in trouble and have to eat crow (no racial slur intended). Everybody on this thread had a legitimate point to make.

ALTHOUGH, let me be honest about "gloating" over a celebrity's or politician's or religious figure's downfall. I can't say that I've never done it. If they are anti-gay or politically conservative--well, then, yeah...I may do some gloating. Some of the posters pointed out that Tiger is a Republican who associates with some anti-gay figures. I never paid much notice to him and didn't know that. So, maybe I am gloating over his misconduct and misfortune...a little.

I mean, if Beenie Man or Bantu Buju got struck by lightening, I'm not going to say, "all is forgiven...farewell, my brotha'." No, I'm going to laugh my batty boy azz off.

Chitown Kev


Oh, yeah, defintely, that, but even then if this was...Terrell Owens would there even be a feeding frenzy like this? I don't think so.

Heck, much of Shaq's business stayed in house and private then again I wouldn't exactly describe Shaq as having a squeaky clean image...he's a bit of a kinda goofball, eccentric type that it would bounce off of him, to an extent.

So...I agree with you but I also think that the type of image that has been put forth for the superstar also plays a big role.


It seems like everytime there is gossip on this blog queens start clutching their pearls like we're supposed to be above it. Sorry, we're human. You don't want to gossip or listen to it, then stay in the politics and gay rights stories. Oh thats right...the celeb news always gets more comments than gay rights and politics.

Tiger has little to do with my life but like anyone else I want to hear the dirt. And what if some of us are gloating a little or mocking a celebrity's downfall? So? I'm not pretending to be self righteous. It's like everyone can dish celebrity news...but black gay men are supposed to be soooo "conscious" and above all that. Please. Let's back away from the nonsense.

And to those who say 'everyone has cheated' .. maybe so, we're not the issue. I'm not the story here. But if I were married (ummm i CAN'T get married to my BF) I would have more sense than to cheat for years and years with every porn star and skank. UNPROTECTED. AND XXX PHOTOS

And I ain't making millions or billions, I'd want to keep that coin.

You may be Calablasian, but you sho' acting ghetto Tiger lol


tiger is half asian. And im willing to believe hes got a small asian dick too. That would explain him having a dozen hoes and a gorgeous wife waiting on him at home. He's got issues with his manhood so he figures if he gets a bunch of females it adds to his swagger.

yeah and rod why don't you post tiger's racial text messages where he boasts about a big black dick and being "blasian" lolmao

so i guess he is "black" when it comes to his white GFs but refuses to say it in public. triffling smh

Derrick from Philly

"tiger is half asian. And im willing to believe hes got a small asian dick too."

No, you didn't, JERMAINE. Well, I don't know what to say.

Asian men, especially Southeast Asian men are some of the cutest guys on Earth...with the sweetest smiles, and cute bodies....and...

Well, I've got friends who've been to Bangkok, and they say that the men there got all the kock that one needs....unless one is a very "loose" girl.

...no, you didn't, Jermaine.


lol @ derricck and jermaine

Mel Smith

Wait a minute! Let me defend myself because people are taking shots at me:

Whenever it's a topic like this, EVERYBODY want to make a comment.

You are so concerned about us and the oppression we face, correct? So how come only a few of you comment on the articles that Rod post on the oppression that we face in African, the Carribbean and other places?

So don't come at me like you know who I am. I come to this site because I agree with Rod on most of the issues.

A few of you already know that I am a hard core gay rights/human rights activist. You new visitors to this site need to slow down. I'm ALWAYS attacking heterosexual people.

I simply argued that we should not rush judgement on Tiger Woods. I was not comparing his heterosexual privilige to who we are. I'm saying that we should not do what they(heterosexuals) do. To me, this is a personal issue, and it look like this man is about to lose endorsement deals. And we can't believe everything that is in the media.

I can't stand most of the heterosexual bastards I deal with everyday. But, I'm not sure it's a wise idea for us to be participating in this verbal lynching of Tiger Woods. I'm no fan of Woods, but I don't know if the media is treating him fairly.

Sure, I know most of them(heterosexuals) don't defend our rights, but we have to be better than them.

Mel Smith



One thing he does not have to worry about is Nike will never desert him, in fact there has been a sense of relief around here since for years it has been rumoured in the "halls" that he was gay and the wife and kids were part of the cover.

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