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11 December 2009


Da' Realist One

Uh oh!!
Looks like people are trying to do a little "clean up". The milk has already been spilled, spoiled, and dried.

Blood is on their hands


Rachel is ON FIRE! She is NOT playing about the "Gay Murder Bill"!


I love her. She one of the only mainstream commentator/news reporter/tv personality that is speaking out against this tragic injustice. What makes it even more hurtful is she is one of the ONLY LGBT persons doing so.

Greg G

@ Mark:

Rachel is doing a fabulous job and is probably the only MSM news personality speaking out on this bill. But she is hardly the ONLY LGBT person doing so. The lead was taken by the gay blogs who have bene all over this story.

Rod's been reporting on conservative evangelicals in Uganda since I started reading this blog and that was 2006 or 2007. IIRC...back in the day not many people cared on this blog and most ppl did not until it started being reported on mainstream news.

And the Rick Warren stuff...again, that was mentioned here and a few others blogs back in '07. When Rick Warren was selected to give the inaugural invocation, quite a few people bit Rod's head off making the connection. Now, not so much.

I'm not taking away from what Rachel does. She does a fabulous job. But let's give credit where credit is due. Let's also remind everyone that most black churches have been silent on this and most black gay activists and bloggers, sadly, have been missing in action.


Not much of a Madden fan but I will say this, she gets the job done! Kudos Rachel for speaking out. And kudos to the bloggers not keeping silent on this.



I love this woman!!!


I LOVE LOVE u Rachel...Good job...

Shed the light on those evil people..

Thx Rod..


I heart Rachel Maddow. John Madden, not so much.

Rodney M.

In addition to the LGBT angle: is it just me, or is anyone else horrified that a so-called WHITE "Christian" man might be is influencing and supporting legislation that would result in the imprisonment or death of BLACK people? I can't ignore the racial implications of this news item, either...

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