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30 January 2010




Da' Realist One

The GLBT community HAS to exersice it's political power if we are to ever be successful in the war to obtain our equal rights (and yes, it is a war).

Honestly... The GLBT community should actually be sick and tired of being placed on the back burner everytime an equality issue comes up.

There will ALWAYS be other problems in existence WHILE discussing GLBT rights - so the argument "let's focus on other things" is a dead argument!

This "several year" delay should be yet another reason why the GLBT community should get more serious and band together to demand, work, and fight for THEIR OWN RIGHTS in EQUALITY!

Until that happens... Expect more of this, its just that simple because the govt will not stand for you unless you make them.


Talked to a guy I worked with who is former Navy. He said there are just some folk who will not be lead into battle knowing the leader is gay. thats just how it is.....There are some quietly in the military who will fight this.


This has already been proven over and over again that lifting the ban is not as major a problem as those against it thinks. In quite a number of countries all over the world, this ban is no longer in place. Leave it to the US to have on-going questions and problems. It just continues to show how bias and prejudiced so-called liberal Americans are.

William Doan

It took nearly a decade for Truman's executive order to racially integrate the military to be carried out, while we were waging war in Korea; it took decades to integrate the public school system and there is evidence that the goal of integration actually failed; censorship laws fell overnight, but were eventually re-established (to a lesser extent) in most states; abortion rights are still under intense attacks, which are sometimes successful. How could anyone imagine that a military command chosen by Bush and his minions would execute an executive order by Obama with any degree of enthusiasm? It will be several years before commanders loyal to our President replace the ideologues chosen by Bush and Cheney.Obama is taking the only route to permanent repeal of DADT.

Duane Johnson  (12 yr. vet/2 service branches)

I'd have to agree with Mr. Doan's comments...it's a long term process. Gay/Lesbian service members have served with valor and distinction for decades (and notably decorated for their actions) but have had to remain silent regarding orientation. Bravo to Lt. Anthony Woods (and others) willing to put a national, public face to the problems with DADT.
Congressional members are much to worried in early 2010 about the upcoming fall elections to have sufficient spine to enact meaningful change. As Democratic and Republican voters, we need to start a national discussion regarding repeal NOW if there's any hope of progress 2012 and beyond.

Bryan Murphy

It remains baffling to me that in the name of equality, those in the GLBT community continue to seek out the fullest integration possible into this military-industrial complex. This is not simply a case wherein discriminatory policies have made life more difficult (as with the issues surrounding civil unions or same-sex partnerships). Rather, this appears to be a situation wherein an identity group actively seeks to be an equal participant in some of the most heinous activities going on in the world today.

What is this freedom so sought after? The freedom to be open about one's sexuality in an institution that is rampaging the earth? That continues to enact unjust hegemonic practices around the world? Why would one want to be more open in such a place, why would one want to be more "oneself" in such an institution? There is no freedom, no liberation in the ability to commit unjust acts while saying that one is gay.

It is not a restraint the government imposes to refuse gays and lesbians the opportunity to say, "I am gay" and "I was only following orders" in the same breadth.

What happened to this minority that so sought emancipatory politics in the 70's? What happens to the moral and ethical voice of minorities when they have become so implicated in the very power that they sought to remove, to subvert and overcome? Foucault once wrote that "to be gay is to try and develop a new of life"...this is no new way.


Bryan: While your moral assessment of the activities of the U.S. military and of participating in those activities may be correct, you are pretending to be obtuse here.

You know full well how DADT negatively affects the lives of gay people.

First, whether rightly or wrongly, there are thousands of gay people in the military, and their lives are damaged by DADT. Many of those people joined the military because it seemed to be the best choice for obtaining an education and for establishing a career, not to mention the best (only?) choice out of a bad economic situation. You can declare glibly that all these gay people made an immoral choice, but you can be certain that the people who run our nation deliberately maintain an economic system where, for millions of young people, the military IS the logical choice. (Continued below.)


Second, discrimination against gay people the military is a reflection of and justifies discrimination against gay people everywhere else in society. In this way, DADT affects all of us. If it were rescinded, it would move the larger cause forward because the bigots would have one less thing to point to that justifies their bigotry. (Continued below.)


I know for a fact that MLK Jr. was opposed to most of what the U.S. military did, but can you imagine his having said that it would have been OK to discriminate against black people in the military because to serve in the military was immoral to begin with? I can’t. Indeed, a major accomplishment of Bayard Rustin, A. Philip Randolph, and A.J. Muste was forcing FDR to pass the Fair Employment Act of 1941 that prohibited discrimination in employment in defense industries. Rustin and Muste were both pacifist Quakers, and Randolph was a socialist. Why, if they reasoned as you do, would they have even cared about discrimination in defense industries? Randolph later founded the Committee Against Jim Crow in Military Service, later renamed the League for Non-Violent Civil Disobedience. The pressure from this organization was instrumental in bringing about Truman’s executive order of 1948.

But you knew all that, didn’t you? And you’re just trying to be dumb deliberately...

Rodney M.

Here's a question, specifically for William Doan: do you believe that Obama is fully behind the repeal of DADT? Or is it the Joint Chiefs of Staff that are fighting it? even in this day in age, what is the resistance that I can take a decade or so to make this change (as you pointed out with other social issues in the past)?

Andy Niable

Want it gone? Get on the phone and call your Senators and Representatives. Now.

Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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