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09 January 2010



The model at the top is STUNNING.

Baltimore Femme

dayumn i am speechless and that is rare.i love all these looks, especially the first two daddies.
and father on the cover is putting it down baby


Bravo, bravo.
Work it out. Fckn fabulous.
I remember this look, this was the Face in all its glory. Carry on children!

And you have been carrying on this week Rod, bravo to you too.




very sexy especially the first two studs.


...ahhh, those WHERE the days...thumbing through the face and I-D magazine along with the newspaper weeklies "melody maker" and NME, (new musical express)... Import records from britain--Malcom Mclaren (Sex pistols, Bow Wow WOw) with the singles, "Madam Butterfly" & "Buffalo Gals" out, both youtube-worthy...Oh yeah...!

King Drive

@ Butch:

Yes those days were heaven!
Malcolm McLaren's Deep in Vogue, import 12" from Italy and Britain, Klein & MBO ... I loved it!

And The Face served you face! Oh and those boys omg

Thanks for the memories, both of you!


What a pleasant surprise and walk down memory lane. I LIVED for the Face and I/D in the 80s. I/D is still around and still has similar fashions. But that posied Native American styling and thugged imagery ...it was to die for children! To die for!

Work it out SonOfAButch for the memories and BRAV-mf'ing O! to ARENA and Justyn. That boy is carrying!

(blows to kiss to Rod)


@king...hey now! Klein and MBO? "Dirty Talk" is among my classics that I still play today...Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Yaz(Yazoo) "Situation" and all that ish...you know I'm feeling you...

Rod Mc

@Butch and King Drive...
Now you're talking about my music.
I grew up listening to all that vintage early 80s house and dance music (at The Warehouse and Powerhouse in Chicago) and the "MBO Theme" and "Dirty Talk" are classics.

Glad you liked the post.

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