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22 January 2010



Hes always been a real sell out.


What an a-hole.
He never has anything to say or contribute and when he does he singles out the gays.smh


Uncle Tom is still at his old tricks! Its too bad Anita Hill didn't do him in.

Baltimore Femme

thanks a lot, uncle tom
we can always on you to say something mean spirited and to try to tear down any minority.

it's just wrong he would use that example, like gays and trans folk haven't been attacked just on genl principle

so very sad


So let me get this straight. Justice Thomas wants corporations to be able to donate unlimited quantities of money to candidates, but he wants them to be able to do it secretly.

We no longer elect our politicians anymore. So what right do we have to know who actually hired them?

What I find particularly ironic in all of this is that if the Prop 8 case had been reversed—that is, if it had been gay people who were having their contributions publicized—then Justice Thomas would be have taken the opposite position on this matter.

He is not interested in anyone’s privacy or rights. He is only interested in whatever hurts ordinary people the most.


What's most important here is the ruling itself. Corporations and special interest groups now have the keys to the kingdom. There will never be healthcare reform, Wall Street reform, or any real work done to offset climate change because now corporations can buy any and every election with no checks nor balances. What little was left of democracy in this country is dead and gone.

I'd advise all minorities, especially of the gay persuasion to start investigating relocation destinations. I've chosen Spain. Universal healthcare and gay marriage. See ya!


Read the TRUTH about Uncle Tom:


You, Mr. Thomas, are NO Uncle Tom!


The very thought of this man makes me want to retch. He is monstrous, and his jurisprudence is beyond being a joke, given how dangerous it has been since he was installed by George H. W. Bush, with Democratic enablement.

Derrick from Philly

I know that Justice Sotomayor is a dignified woman, but I wish that one afternoon while the court is in session she'd have a mental flashback to her Bronx roots and whup Thomas' gray-haired azz.


Another shining example of an activist judge. He went out of his way, when it's not even remotely necessary, to thump against a minority group. If that is not political activism, I don't know what is. Where are the folks who complained about California's "activist" judges? Oh, that's right, they only object to it if it goes against conservative views.


I'm a "to each his/her own" kin dof person but I cannot go without saying I've never seen anyone shuck and jive quite like Thomas...


@ soulbrotha

Thank you for your post about Uncle Tom. I hate when people consistently misuse the term to attack someone. If Thomas was an Uncle Tom, he would have pretended to be conservative in order to get on the bench and then he would have become a more liberal justice. As you stated, Clarence Thomas is no Uncle Tom.

alicia banks


but do not let sotomayer off the hook either

this is what obama placed her to do

protect corps!

they are all off to a stellar year




I lust LOATHE this mental midget and his hate.

And, the gall to use Prop 8 when the same "conservatives' would ban his marriage to the white chick in a heartbeat of they could as they are disgusted by that as they are gay people.


He's a delusional, and self-loathing, Negro who, whenever he's sitting on the high bench, ejaculates black seeds of destruction while vigorously masturbating under his black robe.

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