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04 January 2010


Taylor Siluwé

Way to go, Brit, talking about Buddism when he clearly knows nothing about it. But in true Christian form its his mandate to convert, convert, convert.

Because, yeah, Christians never cheat on their wives, never get pregnant out of wedlock, in fact, they never do anything that they can't be redeemed for simply by confessing and saying they accept Jesus now. It's their ultimate do-over doctrine.

Oh, and in some cases they do have to go to some sort of rehab to keep up appearances: for alcohol addiction if young guys are involved (Mark Foley), or for sex and drug addiction if young women are involved.

Yeah, be a Christian Tiger. It's the answer for everything.

Chris Cruz

What BS. Buddhism is all about forgiveness, redemption and reaching peace with oneself.

smh @ fox "news"

Jim J.

Well I was going to make a comment about the forgiving nature of Buddhism (which I practice) but I see I'm late! I should mention that in my order we also encourage respect for other religious belief systems and even have Christians and Jews that attend our services. No surprise this came from Fox News.


How hateful of Vanity Fair. The made Tiger look like an inmate. He's a womanizer but they don't send you to jail for that.

History Major

Well if Vanity Fair was trying to make Tiger look sympathetic they failed LOL he looks like a angry black sexual predator.

The type of man who would pray on the purity and virtue of innocent white women.

Very much so Birth of a Nation teas.

DW Jazzlover

This is just tooo funny!

Tim Lee

Sad to read all of the sordid details, but what really made me laugh/go wide-eyed was the bit that Brit Hume said at the end. Would that moron have had the balls to say Tiger should abandon his faith (for Christianity) if he had been a Muslim or a Jew? Classless.

Greg G

Poor, poor billionaire heterosexual sports superstar Tiger Woods. He campaigns for Republicans, got married, never intended to keep his vows and had UNPROTECTED sex with dozens of porn stars, hookers, escorts, cocktail waitresses and reality stars. Ohhh and people are saying mean things about him.

Color me unimpressed.

Annie Leibovitz is a celebrity photographer and her celebrity subjects have approval over photos. So if we're seeing this photo, Tiger approved it. This is the same Annie Leibovitz that photographed the Obamas Christmas card and everyone (on this blog too) went giddy, comparing it to the Kennedys. And the same Annie Leibovitz that shot M. Obama on the cover of Vogue. So is she the racist or is Vanity Fair?

And in true black gay fashion, the posts about a black gay teen killed or another man bashed to death are ignored ... while folks flock to the celebrity post to support the hetero sports star who has unprotected sex with dozens of women. 'Cuz, you know, hetero brothas are always supporting gay black men's right to do have unprotected sex with dozens of men and women.

Garçon Stupide

Yikes - put it away Tiger, no one wants to see that!

Call me a body facist but what he's peddling ain't pretty. Women are easily pleased, I guess...

Corve DaCosta

he looks horrible

Jim J.

Yeah he does look a little sloppy now that you mention it.

Greg G, how can you tell the race of a poster?


although I Tiger has only himself to blame for this mess I still think that it is very interesting that Vanity Fair chose this photo for the cover.....very interesting! Reminds me of OJ, Willie Horton etc etc...

But Im also rather tired of the Tiger story, he is not the first and he wont be the last to cheat on his wife>>>

leroi jones jr

@ taylor . . .oh quite the contrary we christians f*#$ up so often that we need a built in mechanism for redemption. i mean so what if our reliance in penance creates a disincentive towards embodying the values we kick. . .

now them buddist. . .they typically try and be mindful and s&#& try and use their capacity for compassion to understand how their actions will effect OTHERS before they act or while they act.

so fret not taylor, by this measure tiger is already a christian. . .and ole boy was just talking about how they gonna embrace one of they own :-D

Anthony in Nashville

I am shocked Tiger Woods posed for a photo where he looks like a thug! Earl definitely wouldn't approve.

It makes me wonder if publishers stashed this photo away in case Tiger had an "OJ moment."


Brit Hume's comment is so bigoted and stupid, I believe he just said it to raise his profile. Glenn Beck can't get all the wack-job attention at Fox.

The Tiger picture is way unflattering. He looks like he's about to knock over a Korean liquor store and the body's...Meh! But, I still have a hard time imagining Tiger as a sexual creature. He has the sex appeal stale bread to me, but I'm not a famewhore cocktail waitress.

He needs to hurry up and pay that Swedish girl her ransom and get back to playing golf. Once he wins a few tournaments, the sponsors will come running again, checkbooks in hand, and America will forgive. Tiger didn't screw around on me (or ya'll), so I don't care.

Baltimore Femme

"I will wear you out."

Who still talks like that?
Silly corny blasian.
smh lol

Baltimore Femme

"He has the sex appeal stale bread to me, but I'm not a famewhore cocktail waitress."

You'd better work it out! lol

Oh I bet his lil blasian peen is more 'asian' than 'black' if ya know what I mean lol


What Hume is really saying here is this: "Tiger, if you will renounce Buddhism and embrace our Faux Christianity in order to become a propaganda tool for our vicious agenda, we will do our best to ensure your rehabilitation in the public eye, and perhaps even restore some of your lost endorsement income."


just fyi. these pics were right before he started working out seriously. that's why his body looks all slack & out of shape. by 07 he was working out reg, and had really cleaned up


is brit drunk?


Lol @ everyone thinking Tiger's looks were what all of those women saw in him.

Did we forget his bank account? 10-11 figures trumps mediocre looks, anyday.

Mikey--He Likes It

And just think of all that "hush" money!!! Enough to keep those waitresses in Manolo's and with their real boyfriends.


He looks like he was working out in the prison yard and someone just took a snapshot.

I'm very surprised at this photo. Even with the lighting he's a little darker than he really is, he's thuggish looking, and extremely unprofessional looking. First OJ, then Labron looking like King Kong with the white girl as Fay Wray, and now Tiger looking like a convict.

These Black athletes better really look at what these pictures are saying to the public, because they are out there for eternity. Your image is your money. The images that magazines like Vanity Fair and that ilk has a history of utlizing less than flattering imagery for our black athletes. My comment is not in regard to Tiger's present situation, but about the imagery of Black athletes in general. Some of these magazines have to called on the carpet all the negative imagery utilized.

Garçon Stupide

"He has the sex appeal stale bread to me, but I'm not a famewhore cocktail waitress."

Hehe... Seconded!

Compare this frumpy sack of mixed-race gone wrong to the chiselled Gods Rod posts from ESPN magazine covers...

Rodney M.

At first I was gonna say (and I still will) that I'm prolly the only person who likes Tiger's cover photo. But I'm also glad to see the other comments and topics! And I also feel that the cover of Vanity Fair (for those of you who don't like it) was with Tiger's approval, so it's not about VF being racist. As for Brit Hume's comments: c'mon folks he works for Fox News! You know Fox News? "All the 'news' that fits, we print!"

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