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20 January 2010



Frank said: “But our respect for democratic procedures must rule out any effort to pass a health care bill as if the Massachusetts election had not happened.”

Can you imagine such words coming out of the mouth of any Republican after they had been whittled down to “only” 59 senators? If the Republicans had 59 senators, the U.S. would be a police state in about ten minutes.

Many of the Democrats never wanted health care reform in the first place. That is the real message here. And unless you consider shoveling huge sums of money into the hands of health insurers and big pharmaceuticals to be “reform,” then Obama has to be counted as one of these Democrats.


Huh?! These Democrats make me respect George W. Bush. Because Brown won in MA, it means that the Democrats should abandon healthcare? They should be working harder than ever to get something passed ASAP. Americans respect results. George W. just plowed ahead with whatever agenda he wanted and used any means necessary. If healthcare goes down, what exactly are the Democrats going to run on in November? If you can't get legislation passed with 59 senators, how are you going to get anything passed when the Republicans knock off a few more in the fall?


Rep. Frank's comments illustrate why the Democrats lost and will continue to lose. We elected Pres. Obama and a Democratic majority to lead, and they got a majority to do it. The procedural processes and political systems in Washington DC benefit those that know how to work them. How about respecting the will of the voters instead of giving up out of respect for procedures?


I guess the message was sent and received. Yeah, right.


The problem is not public opinion about health care. The problem is, most Republicans always vote along party lines, regardless of public opinion. The resulting stance is almost always disruptive to the process. How do you work with people who refuse to cooperate?

The democratic procedure will only work if people are in the spirit of cooperation and compromise -- something that the public expected congress to do. Unfortunately, the Democrats frequently have not the back bone to stand up for important issues, Republicans refuse to compromise. The public gets screwed.


It is and has been DOA from the jump and, what Obama needs to have done is work on JOBS, that's what people want and need. The Democrats are nothing but a bunch of weak kneed cowards and this country really does need a viable third party. And, now with this guy in the job, you can bet NOTHING will get done for the rest of this year as they are all now looking to the midterm elections. A solid year wasted by the WH and Congress by doing nothing, amazing and sickening.


Boy if only Hillary was in Office then her and bill would just bust heads left and right. Clinton has a GOP congress in the 90s and got more done n terms of legislation passed and many things that helped America. We had a surplus, we had jobs, and no deficit.

Now the only negative some see in Clinton from gays is DADT


Terrell, I will repeat from the last thread: If Clinton represents success, then I would much rather have failure in the White House.

Clinton got laws passed, like welfare reform, that Republicans could only dream of getting enacted. If a Republican president had tried to pass such a law, every liberal organization in the country would have screamed bloody murder. Under Clinton, many such organizations were too starry-eyed with their newfound “access” (and flattering invitations to dinner at the White House) to want to jeopardize all that by something as foolish as adhering to principle. Their reward, of course, was well-deserved bus tire tracks on their backs.

Our “first black president” did as much damage to black people as Reagan, Daddy Bush, or Baby Bush ever managed to do. (And since the last thread, I remembered that Clinton wanted to privatize Social Security as well. Fortunately, that was an over-reach.)

If Obama is going to go the way of Clinton, it would be better to have gridlock.

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