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10 January 2010


Garçon Stupide

Good looking boys but football players (or as you guys usually refer to them, "soccer" players) just don't do it for me.

I don't know if it's the kit they wear, the skinny (albeit muscular) legs, or the prima donna attitude. Same goes for basketball players.

Gimme those big, Big, BIG American football players any day of the week!


And what a game it was. Angola basically blew their lead and the game was a draw.

Great pics, too...that Manucho is off the chain.

@ Garcon: I kinda like both the American footballers and the Euro/African footballers. I can appreciate the definition in soccer players and their omg legs. But I'm glad to see African soccer players on here occasionally, most the mainstream gay blogs go gaga over beckham, Ronaldo and the Brazilians, might as well show the brothas some love too.


Hmmm..hmmm...J'adore...these african soccer playas....This is wazzzup!!!


wow e'm pictures are hottt! And those Angola shirts are on the small side - i want one..lol


wow ...I love the soccer players build....superfit with thick muscular legs flat stomaches...throw in shorts and a handsome face and Im happy... and gay


The Angolan players are giving me LIFE! I love it honey, those brothas in the motherland ain't no joke.

And y'all know they are packing. Now get into that "uncut" truth! lol


Those abs are ridiculous! OMG!


Angola's Manucho and Flavio are HAWT. Dayumn!

And boyfriend w/ the abs ain't no joke either. Mmmm mmmm


New reader to this blog from Johannesburg SA. Just wanted to send my best from South Africa and let you know how much I enjoy the African news coverage here at Rod 2.0. Good job mate.

childhood depression

It was a great game after all...

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