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29 January 2010


Former COGIC

Back in the 80s or 90s you would have never heard of a shooting at a black gay club. Maybe an argument in parking lot or even the occasional fight but not shooting. With the DL culture, hip hop...all these homothugs and the ballroom kids...its just gangs and guns. Scary. I'm over it child...


Sounds like drug deal/money issue or bad group sex


fake down-low gangsters.

Derrick from Philly

LOL@ "Sounds like drug deal/money issue or bad group sex"

....bad group sex?

Oh, my! If you don't get it right--you loose your life.

Humph, these homothugs better practice. Practice hittin' that spot, boys. Practice, or you may get a hit job taken out on you.


Who said it was a black gay club?? This isn't the first shooting incident at Dick's Cabaret... Google Dick's Cabaret Shooting.... there is definitely more going on there than a bunch of gay men watching gay/straight strippers go full monty!! The place should be shut down before anyone else gets killed!

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