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21 January 2010



Tony proved himself a total idiot as are most Republicans, particularly gay Republicans. But frankly, Signorile has himself to blame for helping to create this sort of attitude among gays and other otherwise liberals. His constant drumbeat of criticism for the president with so little support of the president and his agenda, has helped to cause this backlash.

Liberals, Progressives, and Dems are doing exactly what we do best, circling the drain even when we're on top. We eat our own. We have a huge majority in the House and a large majority in the Senate and we're talking about retreating, reassessing, paring down. Why? What for?

Get tough. Fight back. Support the president. We're winning and we have allowed ourselves to be convinced that we are not.


ROFL @ Seven

This coming from someone who continually makes sexual comments about Harold Ford, another politician who opposed ENDA, gay adoptions, hate crimes etc and also voted for constitutional marriage bans? Oh puhleeez.

I'm not sure how you blamed this on Signorile, but this has nothing to do with Signorile. Signorile didnt create this problem. Obama and the Democrats did. Some of us only want to hold Obama and the Democrats to what they PRIOMISED to do. Nothing more, just what we gave then money and votes to do.

And yes, the Democrats have huge majorities in the House and Senate and many of us have said we should use that move the Democratic agenda forward and that includes gay rights. Many others (esp and unfortunately black LGBTs) said "no, no" we can only do one thing at a time. which only toed the White House line. Now you want to complain that some of us were right all along and say we should "use our majorities" to fight and push our agenda? After we said last year that this may happen?

Go. To. Hell. And take Harold Ford with you, sweety, since you have a "position for him to fill"

Chitown Kev


Supoort the President?

The president is supporting tortures, Wall Street Bankers, the military industrial complex, health insurance companies, and big pharma.

Not the people.

You might want to go take a look at the PPP Poll done on the Senate Race in Mass.

According to that poll, Obama had a 69% job approval rating among Massachusetts blacks. Not bad but consider that his job approval rating among blacks nationally is at 91% according to the latest Gallup Poll.

A 22 point difference. That stunned me when I saw it.

And while 77% of blacks that were polled in Mass. voted for Coakley, 19% of Massachusetts blacks polled said that they would vote for Scott Brown.

19% of Mass. blacks voting for Scott Brown. Think about that for a minute.

No, WE supported the President when we elected him. The president has not supported us. Take that and a lackluster candidate like Martha Coakley who ran a campaign as a coronation and you get this.

As for this caller of Signorile's, this fool probably voted for Brown because he's cute.

Cute as ihe is, I wouldn't have voted for Brown if he had a 10" you know what.

But Coakley gave no one a reason to vote for her. So while I may not have voted for Brown, I can understand be so disgruntled as to stay at home because I've done it before.


defensive much, seven?
have you been saying "really nice" things about any politicians voted to take your rights away and voted for the constutution to treat you as a second class citizen? LOL

mike signorile was a huge supporter of Democrats and the president and used his radio show to mobilize gays for Obama and against McCain. let me cosign FQ and say that there were many, many gays who said the white house should walk and chew gum, ie use our majorities to push the democrat agenda and move gay rights. strike while the iron was hot.

many brothas whined and said no, "let him work on health care first" now see where that lead us, the dems will be crying about "now is not the time to move on LGBT rights" etc etc. thanks to people like you!

we supported the president. he hasn't supported us.

and as far that delusiuonal log cabin queen supporting scott brown, he sounds no different than black gay men who go to homophobic churches or who support antigay politicians cuz they are cute

Chitown Kev

Let me add this.

In that poll, blacks were 6% of those polled, which is about the percentage of blacks living in Massachusetts.

Also, Rod, thank you, Ravensback, Derrick from Philly, and the others for a fabulous discussion in the older thread about this.


Like a coworker said, this Brown guy won mainly on how he looks, and, is more like Dan Qualye than anything remotely related to the issues and sadly, looks still count for many. And, many gay men fall into this trap as much as straight women, and, if anyone thinks Brown is going to be able to help with real issues facing this country as a memeber and new golden boy of the party of no, you really are out of touch, and, nothing is going to get down in DC for the next 3 years.

And, now some are saying this homophobic man could be right up there with Sarah Palin in 2012 running for the WH and with a pretty good chance of winning, ugh.

D Town's Finest

There is a special place in hell for gay Republicans. Sitting next to them should be the black gay men who prop up these homophobic pastors.

Derrick from Philly

And thank you, Chi Kev, for always keeping it civil. You criticize the President and the Democrats very strongly, but you NEVER resort to personal attacks on those you disagree with on this blog. Thanks.

Political promises during a political campaign: Republican politicians deliver more often because American people are greedy and selfish, and greed and selfishness are what Republicans promise. Lower taxes, and as far as those who don't have healthcare...well, "Let them eat cake" is the motto of Republicans and so-called Independents.

Liberal Democrats haven't been able to deliver since the 1970s. Many of us "Democratic Loyalists" look and listen to the "Disappointed" and we say, "My God, did they not know what the opposition to this President would be like...or COULD be like?"

Did Obama know how great the opposition would be to his campaign promises, and simply deceived the voters in order to win? It's possible. And once a Democratic President gets into office he compromises his promises to death. Do y'all think that Carter, Clinton and Obama wanted to do it this way? It aint easy out here for a Democratic Pimp...I mean, Pres.

The two parties have election year platforms that are mostly feel good promises to the "party base". The specific promises made during campaigns don't mean much later. What the two parties do seem to have are themes--basic ideas about government's role. And on that subject they are different: the Democrats and Republicans.

Of course, both American political parties are dedicated to preserve the economic foundations and financial structures of this country(how many Republicans and Democrats criticized each other for each other's bailout of Wall Street?)

So what's the point of voting for Liberal Democrats who turn into Centrists/Moderates in the White House? Well, you get what you can.

For instance, federal courts will decide many of the issues which will affect gay peoples civil rights, so who do you want to vote to decide those judgeships? Coakley or Brown? Well, it'll be Brown now, won't it?

"Oh, Derrick, fu-k you and your federal courts! I'm sick of voting for the lesser of two evils!" the idealists and the activists shout.

Then move to Canada, say I.

Chitown Kev

@Derrick from Philly

Your welcome.

See, here's the way I'm beginning to see it and I have to thank a poster at Joe.My.God for opening my eyes to it.

This is the exact same anti-incumbent "wave" that Obama capitalized on when he was elected.

In fact, I would go so far to say that what we saw in Massachusetts and what seems to be happening in the national electorate is very, very similar to what happened in 1992 and H. Ross Perot. Then we got Nader in 2000 and now this. It's the same thing.

I think that people really do want change and this this Administration (apart from the Sotomayer appointment to SCOTUS) has not delivered.

It was the same anger that H. Ross Perot tapped into. Folks wanted something different. And America, thinking superficially as Americans can, thought that in getting a black man they were getting something substantially different by virtue of his ethnicity alone.

What they got first and foremost in Obama was not his race but the fact that he's a Democratic. And there is no other way but to vote Republican or not vote at all...at least for now. And people are frustrated about that and its' been building for about 20 years now. Now it's back out the closet.

It's been festering since the 1992 election.

But with Clinton, the money was good and the jobs was good and with Shrub there was 9/11 so people (and the politicians) put their heads in the sand.

Derrick from Philly

Well said,Chi Kev.

I want the President to give me two more Sotomayors to replace the last of the Liberals on the court. And who knows? both Scalia & Thomas don't look so young, vim and fit to me...maybe he can give me a fourth Sotomayor.

Rod Mc

@ ChiTown: Thanks for your comments as well. It's always great when you chime in.

@ Derrick: Let me also thank you for your comments yesterday. And apologize for not getting back to you. As always, you make excellent points in this post and thanks for expanding on what you said yesterday.

@ Everyone:
I was on the record last year at this time saying "now" was the time to move on the Democratic agenda and LGBT rights. Because we could not be assured of the future, we should not assume the Dems would have a majority after 2010 etc. Most of the people on this blog (ahem) disagreed with me and said "let's do health care a and then gay rights later." I also specifically said during the primaries (and early election) that the GOP would relentlessly oppose the Democratic president regardless of who they were. Most of the people on this blog again (ahem) disagreed with me and said the GOP would not try to obstruct Obama like they did Clinton.

Well, well, well. My position hasn't changed. It seems many others have. I take no satisfaction in saying "I told you so". But perhaps now many of you see that our LGBT agenda is now in peril.

And for the record, I didn't even publicly criticize the president until at least 6 months after inauguration (check archives) until he flipped on needle exchanges and made that "joke" about LGBT protesters ('what promise").

@Derrick: Re Obama and compromising: You are right, politics is the art of the compromise. But that means you have to TRY. Sorry to be the one say this, Obama doesn't try. He doesn't like to fight because he is afraid to lose. And his biggest fans don't want him to lose so they don't want him to fight for anything. So he compromises on everything and everything is a "win".

I do "not" have a problem with Obama and the Democrats compromising on health care. I "do" have a problem with them giving away everything and settling for a watered version of what they promised. This happens all the time. Without fighting. Why have a mandate and a majority and you don't use it?

I am far from and hardly an idealistic activist. I'm not an activist, I'm a journalist. But I do not think it is too much to ask a party or president to at least try to fight for something they promised. Anything. And it is to our detriment as black LGBTs that we ask for ZERO and are satisfied with anything. And Derrick, I'm sorry, but specifically making a commitment to "fight for ENDA" or push for it is NOT a "feel good" campaign promise that doesn't "mean much" later. Unfortunately, Bush and the GOP were very good and making and keeping promises to their base. I wrote about it for years here.


"But I do not think it is too much to ask a party or president to at least try to fight for something they promised. Anything. And it is to our detriment as black LGBTs that we ask for ZERO and are satisfied with anything. "

You'd better preach, Rod. You ain't never lied. We havent asked for anything from the Democrats or White House, excuse everything and give the side eye to anyone who doesn't.


Massachusetts already has gay marriage. Massachusetts already has broad health care coverage. These privaleges kind of put their gay residents in "the big house" so to speak, enjoying all the perks. While the rest of us...in the fields?...have to fight for fair treatment. What's the term for these folks??? It seems to escape me at the moment.


@ Jobacco

Actually I find it odd that Seven started slamming Signorile and tried to lay the president's problems at his door. Typical reflexive fan boy behavior.

The story was about this silly Log Cabinette who voted for that awful Scott Brown, probably because he posed for Cosmo and is relatively good looking. You know...that's all it takes for some of these queens. No matter how awful or anti gay the record, they will excuse the man if he's cute. Like church queens do with their antigay pastors.

The white gay Log Cabinettes are even craftier. They have stocks, bonds, pensions and mutual funds, so they are more interested in tax cuts than gay rights, and could care less about the community. The shady h0ez.

Chitown Kev


"No matter how awful or anti gay the record, they will excuse the man if he's cute. Like church queens do with their antigay pastors."

Or like black (and some white) queens are willing to do with Harold Ford...

I mean, far be it from me to deny Scott Brown's (or Harold Ford's charms). But to be honest, I can't even write all the things that Ford or Brown would HAVE to do to get my vote here at Rod 2.0. Because this is a family blog... Baby, I ain't cheap.


ugggh. Tony made me sick to my stomach. I worked the Coakley phonebank in Boston and could sense with some callers the misogyny coming through. No one's talking about that but a lot of dumbass men were not going to vote for a woman, even one with superior qualifications. Brown is just a cheap suit who used $12 Million in out of state money to flimflam the electorate.

On behalf of Massachusetts, I'm sorry we f*d things up.


@ Rod and Chitown Kev excellent points! I agree 100% with both of you.

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