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13 January 2010


J Matt

Robertson is just a perfect example of how terrible Christians can look when masked with deeply-troubled conservatism. The last thing I need, if I was in Haiti, is to hear you throw some crazy rhetoric at me that was done over 1000 years ago and associate me with the devil. That's like me throwing up in Robertson's face all the cruel things his forefathers did to my ancestors in America. Nothing amazes me about him these days.


I always thought the Hatians wanted to free themselves from the slavery??? Wow, guess I was wrong. What the hell is MY problem...


Opps I spelled HAITIANS wrong my bad.


I heard about this as a Tweet and had to come look it up. I nearly vomited. I never have liked the people who ran the 700 Club or the CBN, even when I was a strong Catholic. The very concept of blaming a religion (Voodoo) that is greatly popular in the Islands (NOT just Haiti) is absolutely repugnant to me. And if it's Voodoo's fault, why didn't he blame it and all its practitioners in New Orleans for the city's destruction by Hurricane Katrina?! Because the New Orlean voodoo practitioners are American citizens and there are a lot of Christians in the area. He'd be lynched. Pat, you're disgusting. Love, Myst


So much for Christian compassion.

apres moi

Being that Robertson is basically showing the true colors of the white-run Southern Baptist Church, which is that they're on record for supporting slavery and used the Bible as proof of supporting it, I'm not at all surprised. If they say this about Haiti, then you can only guess what they say about Lincoln freeing the slaves via the Emancipation Proclamation. Robertson's dementia's starting to show and I wonder what else he'll be saying in the next few months that I might force him to retire.

I'd like to see this start a whole dialogue on the history of the SBC and their stance on slavery.


Christians keep pushing this idea that bad things only happen to bad people...so they look for such a reason to blame haitians for a natural disaster. If this doesnt wake people up to the evil that is represented by Pat Robertson and his ilk I dont know what will!


I am utterly blow away at the young woman of color next to him shaking her head in agreement. There is something so disturbing about that image.


I was wondering how long it would be before this type of stupidity began. If there is a heaven surely Pat Roberston won't get to see it. Yes people God will punish you for wanting freedom. Go will get you for wanting freedom from your colonial masters. What an idiot.


Don't call Robertson and his ilk Christians. They are cockroaches in human form, thriving on the misery of others, spewing their hateful bile instead of dying already. Look at the pope's response instead -- even if I disagree with him most of the time, in this case it is he who is the representative of Christ on Earth, and not excrement like Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh.


"True story. And so, the devil said, "OK, it's a deal."" And Pat know's it true because in that case guess who the devil was!

Andy Niable

Memo to Robertson: If there was structural damage to and deaths in Haitian: Schools, Hospitals, and Churches--then your "God" is Against Education, Against Healing the Sick, and an Atheist.


Pat Robertson is a man who, if owning slaves were still legal, would possess several hundred.

Is there anything more that need be said of this man? He is exemplary of the millions of American Christians who worship Satan, and call him “Jesus.”

Andy: Since the conservative Christians are against public schools, are against the teaching of science, and are against universal health care, then I guess God must indeed be against education and healing the sick.


I was so livid upon hearing this that I saw spots in front of my eyes. I've never actively wished for the death of someone, but I do wish Pat Robertson would depart this earth in a slow, painful, excrutiating death. This is a new low for him and he's basically been digging in the septic tank for years now. Oh, and while he's suffering, he can pass on some to that repulsive black b*tch next to him. She should be scorned and put upon by every black person she meets.

Derrick from Philly

What a foolish old azz.

Voodoo, Vodun, Candomble, Santeria, Macumba (all the religions developed by enslaved Africans who had Christianity forced on them) have nothing to do with devil worshipping. What they do have to do with is the inability of devils like Pat Robertson to beat all of Africa out of Africans in the Western Hemisphere.


We know Pat Robertson is a clown, but go easy on "Hillary Banks" over there! This was a telethon for the 700 Club, which is Pat Robertson's show, what was she gonna do, argue with him on national TV?

There's a longer clip at rollingout.com


There you can see toward the end, she looks pretty disturbed and chastises his proselytizing saying something along the lines of "let this not be about spreading Gospel, but about spreading God's love." I doubt she believes his crap, but she is on the job, and on live TV, give her a break.


" I doubt she believes his crap, but she is on the job, and on live TV, give her a break. I doubt she believes his crap, but she is on the job, and on live TV, give her a break."

And her job is co-hosting a tv show well known for bashing gayss and lesbians and Roberston, Falwell etc were never very friendly to blacks.

I really didnt focus on her but I'm not giving her or anyone in that position a break. And being on live TV (and I'm a television news producer) means you have to think very carefully and be very quick. Maybe she did say something five minutes later. But its what Robertson said (and her nodding etc) that is more important. smh


She could have, and should have walked out.

Honut Sinti

That foul stench mouth hateful cretin sank several rungs below Satan.

His comments should make every sane civil minded person, despite personal differences, pause and remind themselves that such venom is evil speech and reprehensible.


Pat Robinson's statement is inherently racist. So, thousands of Haitian slaves made a pact with the devil to be free? It seems that he thinks that the Haitians slaves should have continued to pray and sings about their hopes of freedom. I see the Haitian Revolution from a totally different perspective. I see the Haitian Revolution as an act of God. Only God can free slaves armed with machetes and sticks who are fighting against soldiers with military training and guns.

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