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08 January 2010


Taylor Siluwé

Yes, I watched NYC's ex-(and even more smarmy than it's current) Idiot-In-Chief make this claim on Morning Joe. Mika timidly countered that 9/11 WAS on Bush's watch. But he countered with something like, But that was a surprise.

Oh, unlike all the other events they sent us written warning were coming.

What a douche.


What a Dipsh*t! was he not mayor on Bush's watch when 9/11 happened??

Farenheit 9/11,other documentaries and reports show that the administration was well aware of events leading up to as well as 9/11--


Giuliani: Crazy?! and or Delusional!


That's f___g insane. Especially since 9-11 was the biggest terrorist attack, which happened on Bush's watch, and Guliani mentioned 9-11 on every speech he gave.



GUILANI...LITERALLY...GO TO HELL. Maybe there, you can act you were have a soul.

Nathan James

Dear Mr. ex-Mayor,

On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I was an EMT Supervisor assigned to Mount Sinai Hospital on Madison Avenue. According to your revisionist comments this morning:

I did NOT receive a phone call from my Chief, Ray Downey of FDNY's Special Operations Command (god rest his soul) asking--in fact begging--me to report to the World Trade Center with every available crew and truck I could possibly get my hands on,

Nor did I receive a call from the New York State Dept. Of Health EMS rep, asking not how many crews could I send to the WTC, but how many crews WAS I sending,

And I certainly didn't witness the second plane hit Tower 2 shortly after I arrived on the scene,

According to YOU, Mr. Giuliani, thousands of people, including hundreds of my co-workers and friends didn't die that horrible morning when nineteen fanatically crazed terrorists hijacked four jetliners and used them as missiles of death against us,


Never happened.

All because YOU wanted to take a jab at President Obama on national TV.

You, Mr. Giuliani, did a disgusting, dishonorable disservice to the thousands of people who died that day, not least to the hundreds of cops, firefighters and EMTs who gave their lives rescuing and protecting their fellow human beings.

I hope everyone remembers your blatant attempt at political gain by rewriting American history. I hope you are reminded of the bravery and sacrifice made on your behalf on the eleventh of September by people who are so very much more worthy of remembrance than you are.


Nathan James


And not only what others here have already said, Stephanopoulos should be fired from GMA. He just recently apologized for failing to call Giuliani on his blatant lie. But how can anyone just let that lie go unchallenged. Everyone under the sun knows 9/11 occurred while Bush was President. If he misses the easy stuff like this, then what else is he going to let fly by his big head. How lame.


I lust LOATHE this creepy "man" LOATHE and George S who was a wimp in that interview and didn't call him out on his lie with the truth and facts.


Guiliani is reprehensible, he makes you root for prostate cancer.


This man is like the avatar for Sleaze.

As RevKev implies, he certainly is devoid of any humanly recognizable soul. And like for so many of our other leaders in business, politics, and the media, there is simply no lie too outrageous for him to tell.


lol Rod perfect screen grab


What Jarid said.
The screen grabs at this blog are priceless.

rofl @ If you say so, Mr. "Noun-Verb-and-9/11".

Honut Sinti



Wow. What a dolt. I mean really? Lol.-QH


Rod you are so funny. That screen shot makes him look like a real doofus!!! And he is of course!! Hahahahhaa!!!


He might be going senile yall.... SERIOUSLY! Something is wrong and he should retire from the public speaking and appearances ALTOGETHER! Its time Rudy.... its TIME!!

alicia banks


i think he just busted gwb and gave proof of a 9/11 conspiracy!

see more:



Giuliani was a rotten mayor, and he still is a terrible person.

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