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14 January 2010


Derrick from Philly

THank you, Rod, for cleaning up the lies that are told about why Haiti has suffered so much since 1804.

If black people (from where ever) don't have our own version of history--we will believe that we are inferior.

We've all complained about the homophobia in African, Caribbean and black communities in the West. And, No, black people in the West and black people in Africa are not the same anymore, but we are attacked with the same accusations, the same insults and the same slurs. Whether you are in Lagos, Port Au Prince, Sao Paulo, Havanna, London or Newark--you are despised by the same devils for the same reasons--always.



I loved how Ambassador Raymond Joseph addressed Pat Robertson's foolishness, ignorance & hatred!
I love Rachel Maddox!
I loved Derrick's comment!
I love this blog!


M. Mark

I'm cosigning Derrick. Not thanks for posting the video, but a million thanks on the morning history lesson.

As Derrick said, black people have been spoon-fed a Eurocentric, anti-black version of history for years. It's not commonly taught that France basically gave away almost half of the United States to raise money for warships ... And its surely not taught that at the time, France considered its slave and sugar crops in Haiti many more times valuable than vacant land in the US.

We are all black in the diaspora and all face the same challenges. Even more so as black LGBTs.

And also let me add that your Haiti coverage is outstanding.


Pat Robertson is a damn fool! But his ignorance against Black people will not stop anti-gay Black pastors from going on his show and bashing gay folks and same sex marriage...how pathetic.

Rod, thanks for links. I'm confident donating to Wyclef's org and Red Cross. Yall, be careful of unsolicited donation requests. It's sad people would even do this, but disasters also bring out the scam artists.


Thanks for the links Rod.
And thanks a million for the History 105 lesson.

You're doing an outstanding job on this Haiti tragedy. Just wanted to say thanks.


Unfortunately, Pat Robertson isn't the only religious leader talking out of his a** about Haiti. Bishop José Ignacio Munilla, from San Sebastian, Spain, recently stated that there are "greater evils" than what "the poor people" of Haiti are suffering- referring to Spain's "poor spiritual situation". This is causing about the same amount of uproar here in Spain as Robertson's comments in the US.

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