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09 January 2010



Enjoy jail, girls. When the big, rough lesbians find out why you;re there (I'm sure they watch the news) and you two get seperated, you will wish you had kept your hands to yourselves. Idiots.

Also, I cannot understand why it is taking so long for them to declare a hate crime in the Lindsay Harman case. You can get stabbed in the EYE and called gay slurs and still get away with it? That's some bull.


whatis happening to our young women???


Remember when Metro buses were not allowed at the Galleria?


These girls have to learn the hard way. And they will. My friends don't attack me and use pepper spray and call me slurs. That's crap.

I do remember the buses not going into the Galleria mall, but they had to change it because a black girl was killed trying to cross the busy roads that lead into the mall, and her family sued the mall because it was known they did that to try to keep black folks and others who took public transportation for easy access to the mall.

Nathan James

18 and 19 years old? I wonder where they learned it was OK to behave with such hateful violence. This is rapidly becoming a very frightening trend, gays and lesbians getting beaten and killed left and right. Like the atrocious murder of Jose Sucuzhanay in Brooklyn 14 months ago, this is another example of how a person can be attacked if someone THINKS they're gay...SMDH.


Soon, these young ladies will be locked up in a ALL Female prison and be treated like lesbians. Karma is a B!

Marco Polo

>>>I wonder where they learned it was OK to behave with such hateful violence?<<<

I'd almost be willing to bet everything I owned that these two monsters attend church regularly. They actually look like some that could've been sitting in the choir stand on that Donnie McClurkin video.

And maybe I'm wrong but what was up with the victim's mother's agitated response about him not being gay? So what if he had been? It's that same attitude that resulted in her son getting the tar beat out of him in the first place. Being gay is not the problem here. It was bigotry and intolerance.

Giovanni Centurione

I was wondering that same thing, Marco. The original story to this (day before) said that he was targeted BECAUSE he was gay. It almost sounds like the mother made him tell people he's straight. Maby so he wont embarrass her? Who knows.

Marco Polo

Ooops, meant to say "own"


Gay or straight, these little b*tches will learn the hard way when they are locked up.

Who maces their friends? This is one of those cases the book should be thrown to set an example to others.


Now women are attacking and beating gay men. Then they'll start attacking an d beating gay women just for being gay. Well, they won't be doing that in prison cause the gay women up in there are the type that can beat the average man. Have fun with that girls :-D

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