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10 January 2010


Christian Lebeija

Really? SMH. Yea, doesn't speak very well to their defense, especially since they claimed they were "friends" with this guy.

The ignorant low class hoez....

Christian Lebeija

Oh and their wannabe gangsta boyfriend ... he's ugly and yes, a very triffling mofo. smh

Throw these hoods under the jail.


Obviously they are not very smart either. SMH!


Witness tampering?
The boyfriend get more time than the girls accused of the assault, unless there are hate crime penalties.

I guess the word on the street is that hate crimes carry tougher penalties.


THROW THEM UP UNDER THE JAIL!!! I see now even women are getting stupid with their homophobia. Well if they think it's okay to attack someone, just based on an assumption of being gay like a man then they can have the book thrown at them like a one. NO ONE, male or female or anywhere in between has the right to attack, insult, belittle, humiliate, etc. a gay man or gay woman AT ALL! If they did the hate crime, they need to do the hate crime time is how I see it. That's my $0.02.

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