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27 February 2010


Ashley V.

Very many congratulations to Lee, Mo'Nigue, Gabourney & everybody involved with the movie "Precious". I hope they will be just as successful at the Academy Awards ceremony. They are thoroughly deserving of their big wins.


I was really moved by Gabourey's speech. It was passionate and tender and SO powerful!

I was laughing at Lee, who took up SO much time and took up the entire end of the show, biting into Mary Mary's "GOD IN ME" song, but I LOVED IT! Mo'Nique was lovely too! ALL IS WELL IN THE WORLD...


I Loved Gabby's speech as well!


All I saw last night was Lee Daniels the Director of a surperb movie. No race, color, or gender. He directed a fab cast and made a divine movie. That was cute that he was taking up time away from Mary Mary.


i was in the audience (way up in the balcony) and there seemed to be a gasp from the crowd when lee daniels tried stalling (or bogarding, depending on one's perspective). not a graceful way to end the evening...

gabby's speech was fantastic. i was disappointed that more folks didn't receive van jones warmly, but then again, it was a hollywood show.

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