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27 February 2010




I don't think that we can ignore the impact of Global Warming anymore and how we are treating the Earth.

I am not a "tree-hugger" or a person who's all that SIS-BOOM-BA about global warming, but the more I pay attention, the more it gets my attention and how we are doing this! This is not the wrath of God or something NATURAL happenstance! We are destroying the Earth by the things we are depositing into the ground and the ways we are treating it like a trash can. Even when I fly, I think about how we are effecting things by simply going through clouds that weren't made to receive gasuous fumes from metal piercing through it. I think about it. I think about where our waste goes and how we dispose of things. I think about it. I think about how much trash comes out of my house and where I can recycle (especially little but effective ways like reusable bags at the grocery store or reusable wipes and even cloth napkins at home that can be wash instead of always using paper).

I think about it and this is making me think about it EVEN MORE!

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