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18 February 2010


Earvin M



Still not understanding why black people suck so hard on the Judeo-Christian religion.

Screw all that "It's okay for me to be gay and believe in a mythical being crap"

With or without a mythical beings approval I am going to be a proud openly gay black male.

Rodney M.

What I love about her comments is that it's really simple. Love. We can pose all the religious and sociological arguments until Kingdom come, and I love the way she disarms all of that by simply telling the truth. Love. Her.


The message is on point. I just dont think it's reaching the target audience. The people who need to hear this arent reading the Advocate.


Just love her!



Her talk show may be a hot mess and so *NOT* playing to her strengths as a talent, but seriously, she got her a fan for life for this...

And, please understand this: Come March 7th, Monique can add OSCAR WINNER to her name also! :)

James M

Honestly I was really shocked by this article. I thought Monique was totally against gays - especially since watching her Queens of Comedy. After reading this I think maybe Lee Daniels taught her a thing or too about US. I'm glad Monique is supporting us and showing whats right.... Now if only BET would promote this article....


He certainly does not...


I'm really happy she is taking this stance and showing so much support for the many people she is already surrounded by. It will still be an uphill battle but the more people are engaged and educated on our LGBT community the more we will be accepted as regular ole folks which at the end of the day is what we are, no better no worse...

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