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27 February 2010



THIS is where we need to be fighting and putting our money and our mouths--IN THE POCKETS OF GOVERNMENT AND MAKING IT HURT!

I am proud of Maryland officials for so aggressively saying WE ARE A BETTER CHOICE BECAUSE WE TREAT YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES BETTER! Bravo!!! Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual or Transgender (or ally), businesses and municipalities REALLY NEED TO START FEELING OUR IMPACT in the only color of the Rainbow that they seem to hear--MONEY GREEN!


This will be amazing if it makes a difference. It'll send a strong message that Virginia is about to be left in the past because that's the direction they seem to wanna go in. No one likes to be left behind so let's see if they step up

Taylor Siluwé

This is a good thing. If it works, its an amazing thing. I wonder how many other gay friendly corporations are considering setting up camp in Virginia?

And I thought Virginia was supposed to be "for LOVERS". The Chamber of Commerce needs to amend the commonwealth's slogan to stipulate that said lovers be -- like the voters did the state's constitution in '06 limiting marriage to -- one man/one woman.

Someone should start a movement to push Virginia's Chamber of Commerce to do just that.

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