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16 February 2010


Georgia Peach

one short lived sexual relationship with a man does not make you a "bisexual". if thats the case, i would be "bisexual" for having one or two one night relationships with women.

sorry, but this sounds like a thug who is trying to stay in canada and used his hookup to claim he is bi. not impressed.


If he is guilty of assault with a deadly weapon, they should kick him out of Canada.


Sorry, but if he assaulted someone with a weapon he should be deported. No ifs, ands or buts. And this guys doesnt sound gay or bisexual imo.


He knew the laws of the country when he chose to emigrate. No one forced him to commit a crime and you will note that he not claiming innocence. I don't see why Canadian citizens should be exposed to a man that has proven himself to be dangerous.

Rodney M.

I differ from the other comments in that I am willing to give this man the benefit of the doubt regarding his sexual identity. Sometimes it can take one encounter or experience to begin the process of self-discovery. I also disagree with the comment that he would be "safe" in Jamaica because he doesn't "fit the profile." That I feel is disgraceful. Now regarding his deportation: he's not getting deported because of his bisexuality, he's getting deported because he broke the law regarding his weapons charge. There's no defense against that.

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