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14 February 2010



Kinda leaves you speechless. And all this time I thought the British footies were more progressive on sexuality.

But I doubt many American footballers would agree to appear in an anti-homophobia ad, either. Not that makes it any better!


>>The UK Football Association's anti-homophobia public service announcement was supposed to launch on Thursday. It was pulled by the Association because of fears the message was "too blunt".

And being gay bashed or verbally taunted isn't "blunt"?

King Drive

You're killing me with that photo.
Perfect irony for these "gay friendly" cowards. Beckham and Cristiano get all this publicity and attention from the gays and appearing in the video surely would not hurt their careers.

Corve DaCosta

who would come up with this stupid idea in the first place...

its 2010 for crying out loud

Chris Cruz

"who would come up with this stupid idea in the first place...its 2010 for crying out loud"

What are you saying, its a "stupid" idea for athletes to speak out against homophobia? Or its "stupid" to think homophobia exists in sports or life?

Because in Britain there was a major case of a black footballer who was taunted and called so many anti-gay names and accused of having HIV and AIDS they had to arrest fans. (Umm, it was reported at this blog and mentioned above) And in America we had numerous athletes call fans "f_gs" and "f_ggots" when they get angry. Tim Thomas, Larry Johnson, Drew Gooden ... hello?

Sorry but the only "stupid" idea was your comment. Homophobia is very alive and well in society and especially in sports. And the fact that no athlete would participate shows they are scared of being called names, too. Sad.


let's see, if the headline was "Top American Basketball Players Refuse to Appear in Anti-Homophobia Video" would we say that's a "stupid" idea. i don't think so.


What a way to punk out! Its sad that they individually have had something to say or show, but now they have failed a real test of their conviction...

Sad, indeed

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