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26 February 2010



Now where is the shoe thrower when you need one! This guy is a joke! 5 minutes and your time is up!

Taylor Siluwe

With the kooky new Tea Party to appeal to, all the nuts are on parade these days.


What in the Happy Hell is this idiot talking about? "Half of African-American children are aborted?" That statement is ignorant, stupid and unfounded rhetoric! So half of the living, lovely, beautiful children of our community are not here? They were aborted?

A**! Lord, the things that white people say when they forget that WE CAN HEAR YOU!!!!!!



Ignorance personified! He is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!


So, the next question I have is:

What do you call a black man who admires this “conservative” from Arizona? There are more such men than you might want to think.

What do you call a black man who thinks all black gay men are his enemies—not for any suffering black gay men may have caused, but simply because they are gay? And what do you call that same black man when he tells you that this white “conservative” from Arizona is his friend—not in spite of the white man’s ignorance and viciousness, but precisely because of them?


I say we kill the bastard...

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