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15 February 2010


Dallas Cowboy

Oh my word. Prayers.

Danny Rivera

Wow. That's kinda crazy but I don't put anything past some of these churches nowadays. Gangbangers in the congregation, and the church afraid to "snitch" to protect them and gun men shooting up the whole church. But they have no problem calling about gay men and women who have done no harm to nobody.


Such a depressing story. Richmond has had its share of violence and murders. I grew up in Richmond. I officially left there when I graduated from college.

But here lies the problem yet again. No one is cooperating with the police. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear of another shooting that is somehow related to this shooting.

Such a sad story.


Lord have mercy, this story breaks my heart AND pisses me off!

I am with you, Danny. People are quick to get into people's sexual business and gossip about that but someone comes in and disturbs the peace of the church and robs the Sanctuary of SANCTUARY and no one speaks up! I AM FURIOUS!!!!


This is an unholy mess and I am mad as hell!


The NIGGA Church is simply amazing. The shooter was probably some victim who was raped by the pastor or a minister.


@ BLKSeaGoat

Your reference to the church is uncalled for. And believe me when I say that I am no lover of the typical black church and its homophobic stances.

But most likely the shooting was gang related. Richmond has a lot of gang problems and gun violence. It's just extremely jarring when it happens at a church.


What happened to walking by faith and not by sight? This church has it all backwards by not speaking out and doing what's right. Its sad that the white churches speak out and this one did not. Not too long ago there was a shooting at a white church where the man killed was an abortion clinic doctor. Justice was served there. Where is the justice here, by sending a signal that it is okay to shoot up a black church without recourse ???

just a thought, of course

No Name

For those who don't know, yes the Church did get involved and the witnesses did cooperate with the police as did the victims in this case and they have made 3 arrests as of the past 2 - 3 weeks and just Monday night or early Tuesday morning they arrested the shooter. The Church along with 80 other congragant from other cities and Churches have all come together to for Operation Richmond to help the families and the neighbors within the communities in which the Churches serve.

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